New Delhi, Oct. 12, 2013 – The SP Government of Mulayam Singh by stopping the 84-Kosi Padyatra of Ayodhya in U.P. through the deployment of huge numbers of paramilitary forces and by shamelessly encouraging the Jihadi elements in Muzaffarnagar has made it amply clear that the Samajwadi Party has patently Islamised politics in Uttar Pradesh.

Today, according to the statement of the U.P. Government Secretary, a meeting of top police officers has been convened in Lucknow on 14th October 2013. This meeting is obviously meant for sabotaging the 18th October 2013 Maha Sankalp (Grand Pledge) Rally at Ayodhya being organized by Vishva Hindu Parishad on the commands of Pujya Sants. The whole of Bharat (India) and the Hindu diaspora will be celebrating the victory of Lord Sri Rama over the terrorist, wicked and sensuous designs of Ravana on 13th October 2013, but the very next day on 14th October 2013 the Mulayam Singh Government is making elaborate plans to crush the Ram Devotees.

The Sant Fraternity had decided long ago to hold a Virat Sankalp Sabha (Grand Pledge Convention) of Ram Devotees in Ayodhya on the auspicious occasion of the Happy Birthday of Maharshi Valmiki on 18th October 2013. Huge numbers of Ram Devotees from surrounding districts are expected to participate in this Sankalp Sabha. Similarly, simultaneous Sankalp Sabhas at 100,000 places in rural and urban Bharat will be held on that date. If the Namajwadi Party Government adopts a policy to crush the Ram Devotees, in that case, the entire Sant Fraternity and the Dharmic populace of the U.P. would start a movement to teach a lesson to all the anti-Ram and anti-Dharma politicians for all times to come.

On October 19-20, 2013 a historic Conference of Venerable Sants is going to be held in Delhi. Vishva Hindu Parishad requests the people of Uttar Pradesh and all the Ram Devotees to await the verdict of the Sants and then give a fitting reply to the opponents of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi.

The Ven. Sants made it clear on the occasion of the Maha Kumbh-2013 that the entire 70 acres of land shall form the premises of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Temple and also no Babri symbol would be allowed to come up within the 84-Kosi Parikrama county of Ayodhya. They also decided it that the Temple of Nativity of Sri Ram would be built after the model widely propagated by Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Nyas (Trust) towards which 65 million Hindu brethren have contributed INR 1.25 each.

(PRAKASH SHARMA, Advocate)Spokesperson, Vishva Hindu Parishad