Mob lynching false propaganda conspiring to instigate riots: VHP

Cases of Muslim attacks on Hindus

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Mob lynching false propaganda conspiring to instigate riots: VHP

New Delhi. July 8,2019. Vishva Hindu Parishad today said that a journalist lobby, politicians & Jihadi elements, belonging to the ‘secular’ mafia is seems to be conspiring to instigate riots against Hindus in the country. The int’l joint General Secretary of VHP Dr. Surendra Jain said that the way in which “so-called mob lynching” incidents have been exaggerated and highlighted in the recent past, goes far to prove that the Khan market gang and politicians of the secular mafia, are seems busy in instigating the Muslim community for a violent attack on the Hindus.

Dr Jain said The Tabrez Ansari incident of Jharkhand, is now clear that the death did not happen because of public beating. But despite this, Muslims made huge demonstrations in Surat, Ranchi, Bhopal and several other cities, raising anti Hindu and anti-national slogans, and even attacked the security forces. Temples were attacked and their idols desecrated in many places, including Chawri Bazar (Delhi), Muzaffarnagar, Atali (Haryana). It’s a very shameful act of instigation towards Hindus.

The way lies are being propagated against the Hindu community and Hindu organizations, it seems the whole exercise is politically motivated. It was falsely portrayed that Muslims were beaten up for not saying, “Jai Shri Ram,” in places like Gurugram, Begusarai, Karim Nagar, Delhi, Cooch Behar, Kanpur etc. Despite these allegations having been proved false, there was no clarification forthcoming on it, which proves the malicious intent of those people, he added.

Does the Vishwa Hindu Parishad ask if these vested interests are doing this to create a riotous condition in the country in the face of impending assembly elections?

The way these jihadists immediately launch an attack on the Hindus is very shameful.

Is the Muslim community really apprehensive? The Muslim leaders should take an initiative to curve such elements. They must contemplate on the outcome of such hate-filled violent acts.

The way 5-6 incidents, all half-truths, were falsely used as propaganda material to fuel anti-Hindu and an anti national atmosphere, seems to be a part of a larger anti national conspiracy. The whole world knows that Hindus are peace loving and patient. If it was not a peace loving community, then one can well guess the kind of reaction, the desecration of Hindu temples could have wrought. Vishva Hindu Parishad wants to know from these journalists and politicians how they and the so called minorities would have reacted if the Mosques were targets of attacks instead of the temples?

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad today released a list of some incidents to unveil the conspiracy & prove that Hindus are the real victims of mob lynchings. Wasn’t the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus an act of lynching? The dastardly killing of Gau Rakshak Arun Mahore in Agra, Dhruv Tyagi, who was publicly lynched by Muslims while trying to save the honour of his daughter in Delhi, Ankit Saxena, who was sawed to death in the national capital, are some examples of the hundreds of victims of mob lynching. But unfortunately, why these incidents fails to arouse their compassion? Why do the journalists, who have transformed Dadri, into a pilgrimage, maintain a stoic silence on these mob lynching of Hindus?

The whole world knows that Hindus are not inherently violent and will not resort to mob lynching. World history and recent events tell us very clearly that mob lynching and genocide of non-believers is the nature & religious duty of a certain religious order.

The Vishva Hindu Parishad asks all these journalists, so called intellectuals and politicians, why they are insulting the glorious tradition of tolerance of the Hindu society by turning a blind eye to the violent acts of jihadists, just to fulfil their selfish motives? Aren’t they misguiding the nation? The Muslim leaders must also understand that such acts of inciting violence will not take them very far. They must learn lessons from the history, the VHP added.


Issued by

Vinod Bansal

National spokesperson

Vishva Hindu Parishad

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