New Delhi, 04 April, 2020 – The outbreak of the Corona pandemic is being experienced more severely in the whole world since last month. In India also, the Central Government and the State Governments are making all out efforts to protect the society from this global menace. The Vishva Hindu Parishad, through its nationwide organizational network, has been engaged in relief work in large measure in this hour of crisis.
Since 26th March, VHP has started helpline facility in every state of the country. In many states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab etc. this arrangement has also been done up to the district level. Several thousand people have availed of its services.
Due to the nationwide necessary lockdown, the economically weaker sections of society are facing difficulties. As per the information received till 02 April, VHP has distributed seven lakh food packets to people and separately served dry food to more than one lakh families. At over 2,500 places across the country, these service activities are going on, of course, with observance of government guidelines such as social distancing, etc. More than fifteen thousand VHP workers are engaged in this service work.
Preventive materials like safety masks and sanitizers have been distributed to more than forty thousand people. Various relief works such as arrangements of milk for children, food for security personnel and sanitation workers engaged in duty, potable water for them, daily food supply for all patients in many hospitals in many cities are going on in association with many temples, Gurudwaras, Derasar (Jain temples) and other social and religious organizations. In many states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, thousands of migrant labourers have been provided with food for several days.
All the above service activities are going on daily and VHP will run it with the help of society till the time this crisis is overcome.

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Vishva Hindu Parishad
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