PALGHAR INCIDENT–Homage program for the Ven. Martyred Saints

The country and the world know that Ven’ble Mahant Shri Kalpavriksh Giri Ji Maharaj, Ven. Sant Shri Sushil Giriji Maharaj and their car driver Shri Nilesh Telgane were brutally murdered at midnight on the 16th of April, 2020 at Palghar, Maharashtra. Shraddhanjali programmes in their memory are to be organized in the following manner:-

(1)       In the SatsangsIn the Satsang of 25th April (Matrishakti + Durga Vahini), in the weekly meet (Bajrang Dal) on 28th April, and in the family Satsang programmes in every Prant on the respective days as have been fixed, we must pay tributes to the two martyred Sants and their driver and pray for peace, Sadgati and liberation of their souls.

(2)       28th April would celebrate the Adya Shankaracharya Jayanti, Sant Surdas Jayanti and Sri Ramanujacharya Jayanti.

  • On this day, all the Karyakartas, in their homes, with observance of COVID-19 safeguards, should pay tributes to the two martyred Saints and their driver and pray for peace, Sadgati and liberation of their souls.
  • If we are able to go fasting for a time – i.e., skip the evening meal that day, it will be good.
  • A lamp dedicated to the martyrs should also be lit in the house.
  • Contact five families to motivate them through phone and social media for similar tribute offering events at their places.




  • Two-three prominent Karyakartas living in every State capital should seek appointment with the H.E. State Governor and submit him/her a Memorandum addressed to the Mahamahim President of India expressing their intense feeling about the painful killing of the revered saints, and demanding a high-level inquiry into the ghastly incident and severe punishment for the killers and the conspirators.
  • At the District level, similar Memorandum should be submitted to the DM.
  • If you do not get appointments, E-Mail to them the Memorandum.
  • Publicise the Memorandum in the local media.


Please also contact the Sant-Mahatmas in your area/region and request them to do likewise in their Ashrams and at the homes of their followers.

(Milind Parande)

Secretary General, VHP

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