Norway Incident – Observations & Opinion by Dr Pravin Togadia

Norway Incident Observations & Opinion by Dr. Pravin Togadia, International Secretary General, VHP

New Delhi, July 27, 2011

1. There are 3 parts of the entire incident in Norway:

a) The actual incident

b) Opinions /Ideology/remarks etc of the perpetrator of the said incident

c) Analysis & interpretations by media / political parties / social thinkers of the said incident & of the perpetrator’s opinions / so-called ideology

2. Many international & national incidents keep on happening all the time including this one or violence in Karachi, earthquake/volcano in Chile/floods in Brazil! It is not necessary to comment on each happening all the time.

3. Many people / political outfits / social – anti-social whatever thinkers/doers keep on making comments/remarks or express opinions as to their thoughts all over the world & in Bharat. While they have their right to freedom of expression & opinion; all of us in Bharat too have freedom of non-expression on something that is not validated. Billions of pages floating on the internet on various social networking sites. Comments by Norway perpetrator – before taking seriously, need to be validated for their consistency & meaningfulness. Going by everything that is floating on the internet – however spontaneous, sporadic or lengthened it is – is immature. Therefore, what the Norway incident perpetrator says has no meaning as far as the Hindu ideology is concerned however much he might have praised or criticized it or any other ideology.

4. Now the important point: Linking European right-wing thinking with the most ancient Hindu cultural ideology is as absurd as saying that the color of Roses in Bharat is because of the volcano in Iceland!

5. Selectively picking up some quotes by some solo perpetrator of Norway incident & linking them to the Hindus in Bharat is not only unfair but also immature, childish & malicious

6. It has become a fashion these days to condemn everything that is Hindu, ancient, cultural, etc & to hail all that is flashy & full of appeasement of some ‘groups’ who do not contribute anything positive to the national development. In this case, comparing Christian right-wing with the ancient Hindu philosophy is like comparing olives with homegrown unique mangoes!

7. It is a fact that intolerant, violent Islam has been a threat to liberal, tolerant civilizations throughout the world since the last 14 centuries. Today Islam uses liberal democratic value systems of non-Muslim Europe, America, Russia, Bharat & South East Asia to destroy democratic liberal civilized systems. Roman Catholic Christians & Protestants of Europe & America, Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe & Russia, Buddhists / Taoists of China & South East Asia, Hindus of Bharat, Jews of Israel & aboriginals of Africa / Europe / Afghanistan / Middle East/ America as civilized societies & as nations are victims of Islam.

8. Islam uses modern democratic systems of Non-Muslims to destroy their nations & then their democratic systems as well. We all victims of Islam should democratically & non-violently come together to defend our democratic civilized value systems.

9. For this to happen for world peace & progress, it is, however, essential that other faiths should not try to manipulate poverty, ignorance & illiteracy in any nation to convert anyone forcibly or by allurement.

10. Note: Any misquote or selective quote from my entire statement here or any imaginary linkages of Norway Incident or of the perpetrator’s opinions etc with the ancient Hindu culture or with any Hindu organizations by media / political parties / social thinkers etc is hurting Hindu religious sentiments & is malicious & illegal.

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