Political Will & Concrete Steps Must to Prevent 26 / 11 type Jehadi Terror

Press: New Delhi, November 26, 2011

Political Will & Concrete Steps Must Prevent 26 / 11 type Jihadi Terror – Dr. Pravin Togadia

On the 3 years completion for the gruesome Jihadi Terror attack on Mumbai, VHP International Secretary General Dr. Pravin Togadia has put forward some specific demands. While expressing oneness with the victims of Mumbai 26/11, Dr. Togadia said, “From over 1000 years there have been such Jihadi attacks on Bharat. Now, when Bharat has a democratically elected govt, the responsibility of this govt does not end with running a dragged criminal case against Jihadi Terrorists & wait for the judiciary to act while many go scot-free due to vote bank politics. Rather than reacting after the Jihadi terror attacks again & again, the govt should approach this serious security threat to the nation in a three-pronged way:

1. Although some sporadic arrests are made after each Jihadi terror attack in/on Bharat, the base networks behind the very indoctrination & the ensuing Jihadi attack are not busted. Until this is done, the Jihadi terror attacks will never stop. Therefore, those institutions preaching such thoughts should be banned as well as all modules & networks must be busted. Govt intelligence agencies do have all this information but due to vote bank politics governments do not even touch these networks.

2. The biggest blunder was to repeal POTA. It is cynical to say that the law can not prevent crime. It may not, but at least the perpetrators get severely punished without getting a chance to misuse Bharat’s liberal law process & democracy which they despise as per their indoctrination. Therefore, the law against Jihadi Terror which is stronger than POTA should be brought in immediately.

3. The mere existence of a law does not protect nations. If that were so, there would not have been so many attacks on the Army & police in Kashmir. To implement the law against Jihadi Terror, there has to be an independent agency that is not controlled by vote-monger govts. Then & then only the real Jihadi Terrorists will be arrested & punished. Newly created semi-political agencies like NIA whose only agenda is to send Hindus to jail never serve the nation. There has to be a strong & independent expert agency for this.“

Dr. Togadia further added, “If govt is serious about eradicating Jihadi Terror from Bharat, then it should first stop wooing minority for the votes. Rather than giving justice to victims of Jehadi Terror, govt is busy making new laws against the majority Hindus treating them as communal criminals & giving Jehadi Pakistan MFN status. This weak & power-greedy mentality & behavior will end Bharat’s sovereignty & make Bharat an Islamic state as desired by the Jihadi groups.”

Dr. Togadia appealed to all in Bharat to join him in his democratic peaceful movement ‘India Against Terror’ to make Bharat again a prosperous & peaceful nation – free of Jihadi Terror.


Contact: Dr Pravin Togadia: drtogadia@gmail.com / indiaagainstterror@gmail.com