Press Release : 27 October 2011

If not Govt, at least Hon. Respected President is expected to be unbiased!  – Dr. Pravin Togadia

New Delhi, October 27, 2011

Reacting strongly on the staging of a play ‘Sons of Babur’ on Ram Mandir breaker Babur, written by Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid, VHP International Secretary-General Dr. Pravin Togadia said, “As an individual, Salman Khurshid’s religious compulsions to praise Babur are understandable. Although as a Union Law Minister he should not be biased about any religion, but yet, it is in vain to expect such fair treatment from him to the majority Hindus while he is known to be the propagator of anti-majority Communal Violence bill & many such anti-Hindu actions off late. So he writing a play on Babur, who invaded Bharat & broke Ram Mandir & many other Hindu temples goes perfect with his religious compulsions, however anti-majority it is, but the Hon. Respected President agreeing to stage this play on Babur in the Presidential palace is extremely shocking & hurting religious sentiments of Bharat. The day this is being done is also a Bhai Duj when sisters in Bharat do Aukshan to their brothers. Bharat’s majority looks up to the Hon. Respected President as a kind elder sister & she doing such a thing against the majority of Bharat on Bhai Duj is an utter shock.”

Demanding to ban the playbook in Bharat & to request the Hon. Respected President to cancel staging of the show of the play on Babur written by Salman Khurshid, Dr. Togadia further observed, ”Any piece of art that is anti-Bharat’s culture is being praised these days as a fashion. When it comes to hurting the sentiments of the majority, suddenly pseudo-seculars remember the freedom of expression; but the same folks are conspicuously vocal against the Danish cartoonist who drew Paigambar’s cartoon. This dual policy is dangerous to Bharat & especially if it is being followed by the Union Law Minister & supported by the Hon. Respected President who is legally bound to be unbiased & not hurting anyone’s religious sentiments, then it is more dangerous to the nation.”

Dr. Togadia appealed to people democratically & peacefully oppose the play ‘Sons of Babur’ written by Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid.