Press statement of Advocate Shri Alok Kumar, working president VHP

New Delhi. November 09, 2019: Today is a day of great rejoicing, satisfaction, and fulfillment. After 491 years of struggles, numerous battles, and innumerable sacrifices for the cause of the Temple at Sri Ram Janma Bhumi in Ayodhya, the Supreme Court of India has finally pronounced the truth and justice of the matter. This verdict, given after a marathon hearing of 40 days/200+ hours and without being distracted by a range of obstacles, is one of the greatest judicial verdicts in the world. The Hindu society the world over, forming one-sixth of the over seven billion global population, had been anxiously waiting for this verdict for nearly 70 years through all judicial processes at all levels. At the end of the day, that wait fructified and justice has prevailed. We express our gratitude to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India!

Naturally there is immense joy and cheer in the Hindu society all over the world. It is also certain that the Hindu has the nature to live in a Maryada. Therefore, this expression of joy cannot be aggressive. No one has been defeated. There should not be anything that offends or humiliates anyone. Everyone should try to keep the harmony, warmth, and cordiality within the Bharatiya society.

Today is also a day of expressing gratitude and thanksgiving. The first gratitude is to goes to all those known and unknown Hindus who participated in these centuries-old struggles, suffered immensely and many made supreme sacrifices! The Archaeological Society of India (ASI), whose untiring efforts and unquestionable technical expertise enabled the Hon’ble Judges to arrive at this important unanimous verdict is particularly deserving of the accolade. We thank all those historians and other experts whose irrefutable evidence formed the basis of this decision! We congratulate all the senior jurists and advocates, whose untiring diligence has brought justice to the Hindu Society.

We expect that the Central Government shall now expeditiously take further steps, as directed in the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court towards facilitating the construction of a grand temple in Ayodhya.

This important verdict is a significant and decisive step towards the construction of a grand Temple of Sri Ram. We are confident that this grand temple will now be constructed at the earliest possible. It is certain that as this temple rises, it will inculcate the respect for Maryada, build an organised and harmonious Hindu Society, endeavoring to inculcate Hindu values in the personal lives and thus will be able to fulfill its obligations to ensure peace and harmony in the world.


Released by:

Vinod Bansal (National Spokesperson-VHP)


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