45 Years of Ramayana and Mahabharatha Exams

Bangalore- 15th April 2017 – This year Award Giving Ceremony was held at Sri R V Teachers College ramayana-and-mahabharathaAuditorium , Jayanagar, Bangalore on 15 th April 2017 Saturday between 5 30 pm to 8 pm. Bharath Samskrithi Prathistana a Sister Organisation of VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD, Karnataka held the programme

Dr Kiran Kumar President of ISRO who was on the stage said that Gnyan and Vignyan both are important. Our culture should be nurtured Properly. Sri Rama s Birthday is being calculated now on the basis of Stars arrangements at that particular time being narrated by Adi Kavi Valmiki in SrimadRamayana. It is being stated that Ramayana has happened 7200 years ago.

Dr Thejasvini Ananthkumar President, Adamya Chethana who was ramayana-and-mahabharathathe chief guest spoke of Importance and relevance of Ramayana even today. Family System can be s strengthened be imbibing Rama’s character in our youth. Bharath should become Vishwa Guru once again. I believe that our youth will make our dream true.

Poojya Sri Charamurthy Shivarudra Maha Swamiji is the Kuladhipathi of Bharatha Samskriti Prathistana. He had his divine Presence in the Programme. He told that Our books are not just stories but real History for which he gave different Examples. Todays America is Our Patala Loka. Kapilaranya is California. Ashland is nothing but ashes of Sons of King Sagara. Conducting Ramayana and Bharatha exams from last 45 years for over 15 lakh students is a silent but great job for which I congratulate all Karyakaryhas.

ramayana-and-mahabharathaBharatha Samskriti Prathistana is a Trust Working to Protect, Nurture, Develope and Propagate the Bharathiya Samskriti. It Conducts Seminars, Conferences, Workshops to Youth regarding Our Culture. From the last 45 years BSP is conducting Ramayana and Mahabharatha Examinations to High Schools, Colleges Students in Karnataka. Till date, 15 lakh Students have taken these exams and learnt about these two epics. Every year 4 Gold Medals, 24 silver medals were distributed for the Medal winners in the Function.

A project of Online Quiz on Ramayana was inaugurated. A dance Musical ABHIMANYU wad staged on the Occasion. A Souvenir on BHARATHA SANSKRITI PRATHISTANA was Released the same day. More than 400 Dignitaries VVIP of Bangalore Participated in the Programme.