The relief operations by VHP at Chennai

Usually North East monsoon will be active from 1st Oct to 31st Dec. relief operations by VHP at ChennaiThis year monsoon started 48 days later. The heavy rain started around 3rd week of November and stopped on 22nd November. Very heavy continuously rains started pounding sea side districts of Tamilnadu especially Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur and Cuddalur districts of TN and also Puducherry, Karaikal districts of Pondichery state on 29th November. The rain fall on 1st of Dec was very very heavy reaching 49 cm on single day and many places got inundated. Due to heavy runoff all the bigger lakes got filled and started discharging surplus water to the tune of 60000 cusecs flooding the rivers across Chennai leading to deluge.  As the discharge of surplus water surpassed the carrying capacity of the rivers Chennai, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur and Cuddalur districts become islands completely surrounded by flood water more than 12 feet deep in some places. The entire transportation net works collapsed including air, rail and road transport.
The bridges, causeways drains, roads, etc have been totally affected. About 1.50 crores people are relief operations by VHP at Chennaiaffected. About 25 lakhs of people were to be provided with alternate accommodation. These include very rich affluent people to slum dwellers. The army, navy and state machinery were pressed in to service. Even though the rain has stopped in majority of the areas and stagnant water has receded normalcy has not returned. The Govt is going to sanction only Rs.10000/-per family whose house have been washed out and Rs.5000/- for partially damaged houses.
Details of relief provided by VHP Tamilnadu:
The relief operations were provided by VHP at Chennai in places covered by north Chennai and south Chennai districts.
relief operations by VHP at ChennaiStatistics given by Sri Vasudevanji, State president.
Places covered: Puliyam thoppu, Kannikapuram, Thiruvikanagar, Karkilnagar, Manali new town, Andalkuppam, Mahakavi Bharathinagar, Kotturpuram, and Nandanam. The relief materials provided include food, water and medicines benefiting 20000 people.
Statistics furnished by Sri Thanigavelji, north Chennai district president.
Places covered: Senkuntram prankantam covering 30 villages. No. of days services 6 days. The relief materials provided are food articles, milk powder, milk, clothes and medicines. Minimum 4 doctors are conducting medical camps in each village. The total no of beneficiary are 25000 people. 110 VHP karyakarthas invovled at these places for relief work and distributed materials of value around Rs. 25 lakhs