Sant Sammelan at Tumkur Karnatak

Tumkur  11-11-2014 – Vishwa Hindu Parishad was founded on Krishna Janmashtami 1964 at Chinmayananda Ashram. Year 2014 is “Golden Jubilee Year of Vishwa Hindu Parishad , VHP has planned to celebrate “SwarnaJayanthiUtsav” through various programmes that promotes the Unity of Hindu Society. The SwarnaJayanthiMahotsav was Inaugurated on August 17 at Mumbai , On the same day VHP Launched ShobhaYatras around 4400 places across the Nation and 33 Lakh Hindus participated. VHP Karnataka Organised “Sant Sammelan on 11 & 12th of November at Sri Siddaganga Math as a part of SwarnaJayanthi Celebrations with the blessings of Dr Sri ShivakumaraMahaswamiji of Siddaganga Math, Tumkur . Today i.e on 11 Nearly around 5600 Sants of representing various religions of Hindu Society gathered at SantSammelan. Dr Shiva Kumara Swamiji of Siddaganga Math, Sri Vishwesharatheerthaswamiji, Sri NirmalanandanathaSwamiji of Adichunchanagiri, Sri ShivaratriDeshikendraSwamiji, Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living, Sri Beli Math Swamiji, Sri GangadharendraSaraswathi of Swarnavalli, DrVeerendraHeggade of Dharmasthal and Many Prominent Swamijis were on dias.

Sant Sammelan at Tumkur Karnatak

VHP International General secretary Champat Rai said “VHP is organising this event during 50th year of celebration, mainly to discuss several issues haunting hindu society. We have to discuss several issues of Socio-treligious importance. Santcommunity have high potentiality to solve all problems which the Hindu society is facing” .

Dr Shivakumar Swamiji of SiddagangaMatha applauded the efforts of Vishwa Hindu Parishad during his inaugural address.

RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat delivered key note address. ‘Bharat is the source of universal spiritual unity. Sant Sammelan at Tumkur KarnatakI request all Swamijis here to analyse and discuss the values of spirituality to be filled in life of each citizen of Bharat. We need to discuss are the programs to be organised and steps to be taken to implement these values by which the one is misguided (Pathabhrasht) should be corrected and guided properly.This task has be done only through Swamiji’s efforts. RSS-VHP will be there in the supporting background with our social activities. If Sant-Swamijis are leading the society, we will be there following the religious leadership’ said Mohan Bhagwat.

‘Few forces of the world want to dissect Hindu society. Such forces took away our own people. These people later became the made to become the enemies of Hindu society. We need to remind them that they were part of Hindu society and efforts are to be made to bring them back to the mainstream of Hindu society’ added Bhagwat.

Sant Sammelan at Tumkur Karnatak‘We are the believers of VasudhaivaKutumbakam concept. For an Hindu no one is Paraaya (outsider) in Hindu society. Each religious sector of India should make this concept clear amongst themselves. They should educate everyone in their community about this wide concept. From the minds of the people, the narrow thoughts of casteism should be eradicated. We need show a mirror which images the unity to each Hindu. Such a task can be effectively taken by Sant- Swamiji’s of the Hindu Society’ said RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat.

Mohan Bhagwat released a book authored by senior RSS PracharakChandrashekhar Bhandari on Vishwa Hindu Parishat. Bhagwat also released a special issue published by leading Kannada Daily by ‘Santa Samagama’ and Kannada weekly Vikrama’s ‘Santa Parampare’ during the occasion.

Sri SriRavishankarGuruji of Art of living expressed his concerns on growing religious conversions across jails in India. Sri Sri opinioned that there should be effective measures should be adopted to stop conversion He also told that ‘population in India is not a curse but a boon’. The society should seriously come forward to eradicate social evils like blind believes,casteism.


Sant Sammelan at Tumkur KarnatakSant Sammelan at Tumkur Karnatak








Resolutions Passed at SantSammelan:

1. Complete ban on export of cattle meat in Bharat. Govt should not give licence to new cow slaughter houses in Bharat.

2. Declare Cow as ‘National Animal of Bharat’ and make Bharat ‘a nation free from cow slaughtering’.

3. To implement the Uniform Civil Code.

4. Legal measures to stop religious conversions.

5. Demand to central govt to withdraw “Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill 2014, 12015/49/2008 draft dated 29.10.2014″

Several Swamijis expressed and shared their concerns on emerging socio-religious challenges within and infront of Hindu society.

As a Common issue, every Swamijis unequivocally opposed all attempts of religious conversion. Swamiji’s expressed their concerns to take strong measures to immediately stop all activities which are directly or indirectly promotes conversion. Swamijis also demanded stratergirs in enhancement on reconverting the converted back to Hindu faith (Paravartan). Swanijis also demanded a unity amognst all comminities of Hindu society to fight against social evils like untouchability and casteism.

Dr Shivakumar Swamiji of SiddagangaMathaTumakuru, Sri VishweshaTheerthaSwamiji of PejawaraMatha Udupi, Sri NirmalanathanandaSwamiji of AdichunchanagiriMatha, Sri ShivaratriDeshikendraSwamiji, Sri SriRavishankar of Art of Living, Sri ShivarudraSwamiji of ofBeliMathaSwamiji , Sri GangadhareshwaraSwamiji of SwarnavalliSondaMatha, DrVeerendraHeggade of Dharmasthala, Sri SiddhalingaSwamiji of SiddagangaMatha, SadhwiUmabharati of NelamangalaSiddhaaroodhaMatha, Sri ParadeshikendraSwamiji of Tiptur, DrVeereshanandaSwamiji of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Ashrama, Sri VidyaranyaSwamii of Hampi, Sri NamadevanandaSwamiji of Gondi, Sri RudramuniShivacharyaSwamiji of Kadur, Sri Mummadi Nirvana Swamiji of Kanakapura, Sri SubudendraSwamiji of Mantralaya. Sri VidyaprasannaSwamiji of KukkeSubrahmanya and others several prominent Swamijis were present during the SantSammelan.

VHP’s International Secretary Champat Roy, VHP Chief of Karnataka Prof MB Puaranik, VHP Veteran YK Raghavendra Rao, VHP organising secretary Gopal Nagarakatte and other prominent leaders were present.