Sewa Shibir at Vaidyanath Dham, Deoghar, Jharkhand

The yearly one month Sewa Shibir of VHP at Vidyanath Dham in Deoghar, Jharkhand was inaugurated on 2nd August, i.e. Shravan Krishna 2, by Ma. Omprakashji Garg, member of Central Board of Trustees and Ma Randhirsinghji, Minister of Agriculture of Govt. Of Jharkhand as well as Shree Narayan Dad, an elected member of Deoghar Vidhansabha.
Over one lakh devotees come here every day to pay their respect to Lord Shivji during this pious month of Shravan. VHP offers fruits and beverages to over 2000 devotees every night and morning, every day as well as beverages to over 10, 000 devotees every day during the daytime, the whole month.
This year there was an unfortunate accident during this Yatra on the 10th of August in which 11 devotees lost their lives and over 80 suffered injuries. VHP and RSS Karyakartas helped the injured in their treatment by taking them to the hospital as well as by providing them medicines