Society now should come ahead to help the Needy – Dr Pravin Togadia

While Helping Flood Affected, VHP Appeals to Society for Help
Union & State Govts doing good work saving people in floods;
Society now should come ahead to help the Needy – Dr Pravin Togadia

Ahmedabad (Karnavati)/ Delhi, August 3, 2017
GujaratFloodAidAfter reaching the flood affected villages in Gujarat’s Banaskantha area to help the flood affected, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia gave details of the Aid already sent & being sent to the needy by VHP, Bajrang Dal & Hindu Help Line. Dr Togadia said, “The floods have caused extreme havoc in Bharat including Gujarat. Many have lost lives & livelihood. Union Govt & State Govt are doing good work through NDRF etc in saving people from the floods. While they do their work, it is also the duty of the society to support those who lost everything in floods. Thousands of volunteers of VHP, Bajrang Dal & HHL have been going inGujaratFloodAid villages & giving aid day in & day out.
In Banaskantha area, we have given aid to 186 villages & in Patan area, to 110 villages totalling 297 villages. There are many more places the aid has been sent & on way.
· 10,000 ‘Family Utility Kits’ are ready to be distributed in Banaskantha area.. (These Kits have Food Grains, Oil, Sugar, Utensils, Match Box & daily use things)
· Banaskantha: 7000 Blankets, 3,700 Rajai, 53,000 Water Pouches, 8 Truckloads of good Clothes, 55,000 packets of Namkeen, 150 Cartons of Biscuits, 1000 shoes / Chappals.
· Dhanera & Thara area has been given 700 Family Utility Kits & 6000 Kits are reaching Palanpur.
· In 18 Tehsils, over hundreds of villages are already been given food grains & Family Utility Kits & other GujaratFloodAiduseful things. These things are being taken through Trucks. Many roads are washed away, so wherever the big vehicles cannot ply, thousands of VHP volunteers are going inside the muddy stretch by bikes, bicycles & on foot to ensure that the needy in inner parts of villages too get the help.
· Dhanera, Thara, Vaav, Lavni, Divoder, Ramnagar, Bhildi, Tharad, Disa, Bhabhar, Babla, Bareja, Dholka, Matar, Limdi, Vaarahi, Santalpur, Radhanpur, Harij & many other villages are being helped by our volunteers with the following:
– 93,000 Ready to eat,Food PacketsGujaratFloodAid
– 10000 good clothes
– 10,000 Blankets
– More than 1,00,000 Medicines
– More than 3,00,000 Kits of Groceries
– Family Utility Kits: More than 50,00

Dr Pravin Togadia further said, “Whatever we all together do for the flood-affected, is needed now. State Govt has promised to give farmers some amount per Hector & Rs. 20,000 per Milk animals. We welcome this step by the Govt & suggest that if this help is increased then it will be beneficial for the flood-affected in restoring their lives.
Some suggestions / Demands to the Govts in supporting the affected people:

1. Increase in the amount to be given to farmers per hector & it should be given immediately without paper hassles.
2. Half ready, ready & sowed seeds all these have been totally washed out. Farmers have lost everything including this selling season. Therefore, Govt should give them compensation for the lost crops as much as the farmers would have got by selling their crops as per market rates. This is because no crop will now grow immediately on that washed up soil.
3. Govt has announced to give Rs. 20,000 for Milking Cow. But No Milking Cow is at Rs. 20,000. Govt should at least give Rs. 35,000 per Cow & Rs 50,000 for a buffalo.
4. Houses are cracked & collapsed in many areas. Govt should give Rs. 1,00,000 per family to rebuild these houses in the villages.
5. Kids who are studying have lost their books, notebooks, etc.& the school buildings are damaged. Kids who are studying should be given books, notebooks, Compass Boxes, School Bags, etc & the schools should be given a special package for rebuilding the collapsed schools.
6. Many small shop keepers / small traders have lost everything. Without hassling these people for paperwork, an immediate compensation package should be given to them by the Govt.
Govts are working hard & we appeal the society too to come ahead to generously help the people re-start their lives.

Contact to offer Help:
VHP Office: Rakshitbhai: 084016 98348