Urgent Appeal for Help to Earthquake & Tsunami affected.

Press Note VHP – New Delhi, March 11, 2011 🙄

From Dr. Pravin Togadia

After the deadly earthquake of 8.9 magnitudes in Japan, there followed a devastating tsunami in Japan & soon it would be destroying parts of Taiwan, Bali Indonesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, South America, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua & many other countries. From houses to roads; from ports to airports; from ancient temples to monasteries; from schools to cattle field … all have got washed away in this worst-ever disaster.

Considering all this, Dr. Pravin Togadia, renowned Cancer Surgeon & VHP International Secretary-General has appealed to all:

1. Send help like food, water, clothes, milk powder, water & medicines to the people who have been evacuated from their places & now away from their own supplies & resources. To facilitate, VHP International Offices can further coordinate.

2. In all the countries getting affected by the earthquake & tsunami, millions of Indians live & work. Apart from contacting the Indian Embassies in their respected countries, they may also need immediate medical & other help. They should contact drtogadia@gmail.com or Hindu Help Line on contacthhl@gmail.com or call on 098253 23406 / 075886 82181. As much possible, their communication with the concerned rescue & relief operations can be facilitated or wherever possible actual help can be reached.

3. Temples & monasteries, as well as Hindu / Buddhist & other schools/colleges in the areas that can accommodate the affected people, should immediately come ahead to offer them shelter & other basic facilities.

4. Doctors & nurses from various locations should immediately locate the area that they can help & gear up for medial emergencies & first aid.

5. Those who can not themselves all this but wish to help should contact the above emails & telephone numbers.

6. After the tsunami is over then only the total damage can emerge, however, to be proactive in disaster management, it is essential to keep extra medical help available as there is a risk of contagious diseases after such a natural disaster. Those who wish to help & those who want help both contact the above emails & telephone numbers.

7. Many ancient buildings, temples, monuments, pagodas & monasteries must have got damaged in the disaster. After human lives are settled to a certain extent, restoration of the damaged monuments also is a must to preserve the culture & heritage. Those who wish to help in this cause also contact the above emails & telephone numbers.

Dr Togadia further appealed to all developed & developing nations to practice restraint while building big development projects like nuclear power plants, dams, factories & so on & thereby destroying natural protection created by mountains, hills, hillocks, mangroves, raised islands, jungles, deep rivers etc that can keep vast areas away from the tsunami waters

Dr. Pravin Togadia: drtogadia@gmail.com