Press Release: New Delhi, August 11, 2012


In Maharashtra Mumbai, a big mob of 50,000 Muslims gathered in the main area of a crowd like CST (Train Station) & Azad Maidan to protest against violence in Assam & in Myanmar. Many Muslim organizations organized it after afternoon Namaz. As a systematic plan they started attacking police, police vans, media people, media vans, buses on the streets around – the buses were full of people. They also attacked shops. Many buses, police vehicles, media vehicles were brutally burnt by a big Muslim mob. While doing it, they were shouting ‘Revenge for Assam & Myanmar’. They did stone-pelting on commuters. Trains in Mumbai are halted.

VHP demands:

1) All those who were on streets 50,000 of them should be arrested for not only rioting but also for demanding protection of Bangla Deshi Muslims in Assam & the rest of Bharat and also in Myanmar. This demand itself is anti-national because instead of demanding protection of Indian citizens they are hurting people in Mumbai demanding to protect foreign citizens from Bangla Desh. This is Treason.

2) The state Govt knew that they had arranged for such a big rally in Mumbai’s central crowded area. The Govt did not make any arrangement for the protection of areas, properties & people around that area. Those responsible for such a lack of responsibility should also be punished. Had there been a small Hindu group doing such a thing, then police would have fired bullets the way the MH police killed Hindu farmers in Mawal area. But to control a violent rioting mob of 50,000 mob of Muslims, a low number of polices were seen only showing lathis.

3) VHP also demands that bending before such violence; if any Govt succumbs to vote bank politics to be always lenient about Muslims then the reaction will be democratically strong.

4) Assam’s original Tribes, other Hindus & non-Muslims are the victims there. Bangla Deshi Muslims have no place anywhere in Bharat. VHP demands immediate deportation of such invaders for whom Muslims in Bharat have been attacking citizens in Bharat – a week back they did so in Assam, today they have done it in Mumbai & in Pune. VHP treats the 50,000 Muslim mobs systematically gathering & attacking, burning police, buses, public properties, Hindus around shouting anti-Bharat slogans as yet another Jehadi attack on Mumbai & demands that Govt arrest all 50,000 Muslims who did it as well as their leaders who organized it & instigated this attack.

5) The damage that has been caused by the Jehadi mob in Mumbai should be recovered from the leaders of the organizations that organized the so-called riots.


Contact: VHP: drtogadia@gmail.com