VHP demands Bill for construction of Ram Mandir


Andhra Pradesh – Tirupati -Special Correspondent

TIRUPATI: Ashok Singhal, International president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has asserted that the Ram Janmabhoomi issue is not a property dispute but a matter of faith of millions of Hindus. It is well beyond the purview of the court, he said addressing a press conference at Tirupati on Friday.

He said though arguments over the dispute was already completed and the Allahabad High Court which heard the case has reserved its judgment, the only way out of the imbroglio was to introduce a Bill in Parliament for the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. This is necessary as the Allahabad Court’s verdict on the dispute, either way was not going to solve the tangle because, it definitely can not satisfy both the parties — Hindus and Muslims. If it is in favour of the mandir, the Muslims would be up in arms and vice-versa if the verdict ruled out the construction of Ram Mandir.

Mr. Singhal did not agree with the argument being advanced by some to let both the Ram Mandir and the Masjid to co-exist on the disputed site, obviously as a via media solution to the vexed issue. It is neither tenable nor necessary, as it would create problem in the long run. Further, he pointed out that there was no need for new mosque on the disputed site because already 22 mosques were existing at Ayodhya. Singhal said that in order to bring pressure on the government to concede the VHP’s demand for the construction of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, the VHP would be launching a four-month-long nation-wide ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ campaign from August 16 .

On the demand for autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir to end violence in the State, the VHP strong man rubbished the demand and said that the State was not a private property of Dr. Manmohan Singh nor the Congress party. It is yet another attempt by UPA government to appease the Muslims.