VHP for uplifting the marginalized in society

VHP seeks dissolution of NAC

The leaders of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Saturday demanded withdrawal of the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill 2011 and called for dissolving the National Advisory Council (NAC), which recommended the formulation such a bill.

Inaugurating the Hindu Ekatha Sammelan organised in connection with the international meet of the VHP, Ashok Singhal, its international president said that the bill would deprive the Hindu community of their rights. The bill was brought in to humiliate and usurp the rights being enjoyed by the Hindu community in the country. Besides, it would divide the society into Muslims, Christians and Hindus. The UPA government headed by Prime Minister Manmoham Singh was resorting to the same British policy of dividing the society and weakening the Hindu communities.

Speaking at the function, Praveen Togadia, international general secretary of the VHP, called for dissolving the National Advisory Council headed by Sonia Gandhi and “criminally prosecuting” all its members for proposing such a bill. He said that the provisions of the bill went against the principles of international jurisprudence. As per one of the principles, the burden of proof was on the prosecution and the complainant. However, according to the bill, the onus of providing evidence had been shifted on the accused. Besides, international jurisprudence said that the accused was presumed to be innocent until he was found guilty by a court of law. But, the bill had done away with these principles and painted the entire Hindu community as “a criminal tribe”. [ The Hindu Kochi, December 18, 2011]

The meeting was attended by social and religious leaders, among others.

VHP for uplifting the marginalized in society

KOCHI: Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) national joint secretary MV Dixit has said his organization was engaged in the upliftment of the marginalized in the country.

Speaking at press conference on the sidelines of the international delegates’ meet of the VHP in Kochi on Saturday, he said VHP would focus on rehabilitating the side-lined in the society.

The delegates’ meet, which was inaugurated by VHP international president Ashok Singhal on Thursday, passed many resolutions including one against reservations on the base of religion. The meet will also discuss issues like security of girls in the state, killing of cows, and ways to put an end to conversions. Lack of moral values in the education system, and steps to be taken to protect scriptures will also be discussed at the conference.

Around 250 delegates, 180 from across the country and 70 from abroad, took part in the programme. Ashok Singhal and VHP national general secretary Praveen Togadia attended the public meeting at Marine Drive on Saturday.

The VHP will celebrate its suvarna jayanti ( golden jubilee) in 2013. The jubilee is being celebrated to extend VHP foothold to two lakh villages, as well as increasing the number of full-time members of the organization to 10,000.

The meet will conclude on Sunday with the meeting of the VHP central core committee. [TNN | Dec 18, 2011, 01.42AM IST]

Kerala fast becoming another Kashmir: Togadia

KOCHI: Viswa Hindu Parishad general secretary Praveen Togadia said here on Friday that Kerala was fast becoming another Kashmir. Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the VHP international delegates meet, Thogadia said jihadi elements had been influencing the political parties in Kerala.

The recruitment to fight the anti-India war in Kashmir had also become rampant here, Togadia said. So, the VHP would chalk out strategies to protect the Hindus in the country, especially those in Kerala, he said.

“The inputs we get indicate that Kerala is fast becoming another Kashmir. So, the delegates’ meeting will chalk out an action plan to protect the Hindus in Kerala,” Togadia said.

“Hawala money is flowing to various Muslim outfits to promote jihadi activities in the state,” he said. The VHP strategy will focus on taking measures to check Islamic fundamentalism, flow of Hawala money and government’s intervention in religious matters, Togadia said.

He also said the VHP would not allow jobs intended for the Hindus to be snatched away by Christians and Muslims.

“Union law minister Salman Khurshid had recently said that six per cent of the 27% jobs reserved for backward communities should be given to Muslims. Justice Ranganath Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee have also recommended more reservations in jobs for Muslims. But the VHP will not allow anybody to snatch the bread and butter of Hindus, be it OBC, SC, ST or open category,” he said.

The delegates’ meeting has passed a resolution against religion-based reservations. “The government should reject Mishra Commission and Sachar Committee reports,” he said.

The backward classes, socially downtrodden and economically weak Hindus will suffer because of the religion-based reservation system, he said. “If Islam is a casteless society, why then do Muslims want to be included in the scheduled caste list?” he asked. Muslims should not be included in the backward communities list either, he added.

“The Andha Pradesh high court had quashed the decision by the state government to give six per cent job reservation for Muslims. Likewise, the decision to introduce special reservation for Muslims in the Aligarh Muslim University was also turned down by the court,” Togadia said.

The VHP will organize massive nation-wide agitation to protect the bread and butter of the Hindus,” he said. “We will focus on schools and colleges and students who want jobs. We will try to bring all Hindu organizations under one umbrella and create a united forum,” Thogadia said.

He also expressed the hope that the Hindu organizations in the state like the Nair Service Society (NSS) and SNDP would come forward for the cause of Hindu unity.

Around 250 delegates from across the globe are taking part in the three-day meeting. VHP national vice president KV Madanan, national joint secretary Kashi Viswanathan, and state president BR Balaraman, also attended the press conference. [TNN | Dec 17, 2011, 04.06AM IST]

VHP international meet in Kochi

KOCHI: [IBNlive.com] Preparations have begun for the national delegates’ meet and international conference of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to be held in Kochi from December 16 to 18. VHP president Ashok Singhal and secretary general Praveen Togadia will attend the conference and address the public conference at Marine Drive on December 17.

As part of the national conference, the VHP central core team will meet in Kochi on December 13. In the next two days, there will be a meeting of central secretaries and state organising secretaries. Parishad’s international trust board meeting and governing council will be held at the Pavakkulam temple auditorium from December 16 to 18. After the conference, the central core team will again meet the next day. Religious and community leaders, along with saints, will take part in the conference.

As many as 350 delegates are expected to take part in the delegates’ meet which will start at 9 am on December 16. VHP international leaders, delegates from 13 other countries, board of trustees and officials from other states will attend the meet.

“The VHP will observe its suvarna jayanti in 2013. We have decided to carry out the celebrations for three years starting this year,” VHP national joint secretary Y Raghavulu told reporters here on Sunday. He said VHP president Ashok Singhal will reach the city on Monday evening while VHP secretary general Praveen Togadia will arrive on Tuesday morning. As many as 25,000 VHP supporters are expected to attend the Hindu Ekatha Sammelan,the public meeting at Marine Drive.

The national delegates’ meet will discuss the security of girls in the state, killing of cows and stopping conversion. Lack of moral values in the education system and steps to be taken to protect scriptures will be discussed at the conference.

It is for the first time that the VHP’s international board meeting is being held in the city. “The target of the suvarna jayanti celebrations is to increase the VHP’s footprints to two lakh villages. Increasing the number of full-time members to 10,000 is another target,” Raghavulu said.

VHP lashes out at Communal Violence Bill

KOCHI: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) international president Ashok Singhal on Tuesday warned of a massive movement in the country if the Centre did not withdraw the proposed Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill 2011.

“It is an unimaginable and unconstitutional Bill. The Centre has brought the Bill to annihilate the Hindu community,’’ he told reporters here.

Singhal is here in connection with the three-day VHP trustee board meeting from December 16.

Alleging that the Bill was anti-Hindu and heavily tilted in favor of minorities, he said that if the Bill was passed, then the Hindus would become criminals. Moreover, the Hindus would also be blamed for all communal violence.

“If the Bill comes, then Hindus alone would be the sinners and Muslims can never be the culprits,’’ he said and added that the Bill presumed that a case would be registered in the case of a rape or a murder by a Hindu, but no case would be registered if a crime is unleashed on a Hindu.

Singhal said the Bill had divided society into groups of Christianity, Muslims, and others.

“The Hindus have been placed in the ‘Other’ group. We are the majority in the country and are placed among others. The way they have divided the groups makes out that the only Hindus can do sins,’’ he noted.

Singhal also lashed out at UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, saying that she had brought the Bill to entirely crush the Hindus.

On the performance of the Union Government, he said, “Every act of the government was full of corruption. The country has seen the most corrupt government and the entire country is worried because of this corruption,’’ he said.

On Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption, he said that the movement was a very good one. The VHP was taking part in the movement against corruption as ‘Rashtra bhaktas’, he said. Asked about Ram temple, Singhal said that the temple would come up at Ayodhya in 2014. “Already there is a temple. We will have a massive celebrity temple at the site. About 65 percent of the work has been completed,’’ he said. Singhal alleged that an amount not less than `4,200 crores has been brought into the country in the last five years for conversion. ‘’Though our temples have vast wealth, not even a single penny is being spent for the welfare of the Hindus,’’ he said.[IBNLIVE.com- December 14, 2011]

VHP supports Anna, ‘but only as patriots’

Kochi: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) today gave its support to anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s campaign against corruption but said it was involved in the movement “only as patriots”.

“Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption is very good and VHP is part of the movement not as VHP or RSS, but as ‘Rashtra Bhaktas (patriots),’” VHP president Ashok Singhal told reporters.

Mr. Singhal is in Kochi in connection with the three-day VHP trustee board meeting which begins from December 16.

Describing the proposed Prevention of Communal and Targetted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) 2011 Bill as “unconstitutional,” Mr. Singhal alleged the Centre’s aim of introducing the bill was to “annihilate the Hindus and divide the Hindu society”.

“It is against the Constitution and federal structure and it overrides the authority of the state,” he said.

He also favored a new dam being built at Mullaperiyar and said the Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments should come together to find an amicable solution to the issue.

“This should not have become an issue at all,” Mr. Singhal said, adding that the Union government should have found a solution to it long ago.

The VHP was also against the Tehri dam as it was in the seismic area and if earthquakes took place, the whole of the state of Uttar Pradesh would be “wiped off,” he said. [NDTV.com- December 13,2011]