VHP leader’s concern at infiltration and conversion

VHP leader’s concern at infiltration and conversion :  Sentinel : Special Correspondent

SILCHAR, May 11: VHP president Ashok Singhal slammed the political system of the Country for unabated infiltration of Bangladesh Muslims in Assam and growing menace of conversions by Christian missionaries, particularly in Arunachal Pradesh. He said even movement against illegal migrants could not stir either the Centre or the State to take effective steps to check it. His call was for united stand by political Parties to create a situation which would force the Bangladeshis to go out, but he did not see such possibility.

Rather, as he pointed out, in order to take their detection and deportation difficult, IMDT Act was enacted in 1983 and the Supreme Court disposing of a writ petition had to intervene and direct the State of Assam to act. The ‘vote-bank’ politics was the greatest bane of ‘our political system’, he said. It was ‘a suicidal game plan’ which was reducing Hindus to minority in their own homeland.

Ashok Singhal was addressing a press meet here recently to share his concern with media persons and later on with citizens of the town on the issues at stake. Describing the situation is highly volatile in Assam due to unchecked influx of foreigners; he said in the seven districts of the state, it was the Muslims who were dictating their ‘will’ and the civil administration responded accordingly. It was ominous that the border districts ‘are undergoing rapid demographic topsy-turvy’. He saw in it a design and pattern to extend the border to create greater Bangladesh.

The VHP leader speaking about the ramification of the trend said 21,000 acres of extra land were under the illegal occupation of Bangladeshis. Forest lands were being grabbed by them. Vast virgin char areas in Brahmaputra valley had gone in their possession. Yet, both the Centre and the State remained unmoved. He expressed his dismay to say after 1951 no register was prepared to deep count of the genuine Indian citizens. It was yet another design to keep the illegal migrants safe. The State must act to prepare National Register of Citizens (NRC) after making demographic survey of each and every village on the pattern of National census operation. The need of the hour is ‘for political consensus’ and mass movement to put a halt to the menace of infiltration, he opined.

Ashok Singhal at the time lashed out at the Christian missionaries for carrying out conversions among tribals, taking advantage of their isolation and illiteracy. He cited specific instance of Arunachal Pradesh where 1.25 lakh conversions till date ‘have happened’. He squarely blamed the State Government of ignoring ‘Baptism’. He was however all praise for the Chakmas of Mizoram who “brave all odds to challenge and resist proselytizing”. Roman Catholics’ mischief ‘has to be nailed’ and called upon the Tribals of Northeast to unite and fight against it.

The VHP leader said, ‘There is no rule of law in the country’. Anti-Hindu forces “have become more than active”. Despite the ruling of The Supreme Court against ‘cow-slaughter’, it goes on, he fumed. The High Court of Allahabad on the basis of material evidences cleared the construction of Ram temple, of course with specific iders, but the Muslims continue to oppose it. He went hammer and tongue at the pseudo-secular leaders for promoting anti-national and anti-Hindu elements. All that the country is witness to is a sort of ‘loot raj’ with scams after scams rolling out of the cupboard of the UPA. The Centre is too weak to fight against ‘looters’ of public money. It is dithering to bring back enormous amount of black money to the tune of Rs 40,000 crore =stashed away in overseas banks. A comprehensive Lok Pal bill with draconian measures alone can contain the ever-growing spectre of black money, he pointed out.