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Ahmedabad, Nov. 09, 2012 – “During the reign of Chief Minister Narendra Modi there has not only been developed in Gujarat but the Gujarati society has got empowered too”, remarked Sri Ashok Singhal, former President of Vishva Hindu Parishad Int’L and now its Chief Patron congratulating the people of Gujarat on the occasion of the national meet of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha here.

He said: “I remember during the Congress rule in the State attacks on Sri Jagannath Rath Yatra had become an annual ritual and the ‘secular’ government used clamping of ‘curfew’ as a ploy to put down the Hindu society by stopping Rath Yaatra or putting hurdles to neutralize the occasion. This ‘appeasement’ and ‘secular’ formula to do away with any occasion of Hindu celebration was replicated on the occasion of Janmashtami also. During Sri Modiji’s period in office for the last ten years our celebrations and the Rath Yatras have been going on peacefully and the violence mongers no longer have any back-up now and there is an atmosphere of peace and development all around.”

“To Hindus Gow-Mata (Mother Cow) is a point of faith and reverence. Due to the appeal by the Government of Gujarat a seven-Judge bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court did not accept cow slaughter by the butchers as being under the fundamental right to occupation and accepted the total ban on the slaughter of cow & its progeny as a right step. The Congress, on the other hand, encouraged cow slaughter designating the dastardly act as ‘pink revolution’ at par with ‘green revolution’ and made Bharat the biggest exporter of beef,” said Sri Singhal.

He further said: “The same Congress-led UPA government at the centre also had the temerity to submit an affidavit in the Supreme Court asserting that Sri Ram’s existence in Bharat had no historical proof and that it was only an imaginative story and a myth and this affidavit was meant to assert that the non-existence of Ram proved the non-existence and meaninglessness of the Ram Setu.”

“Today the greatest hurdles on the way to the construction of Sri Rama Janma Bhumi Temple are the so-called secular forces like the Congress. The people of Gujarat have challenged such pseudo-secular forces and given the power of governance of Gujarat in the hands of Sri Narendra Modi,” he said.

“I believe the people of Gujarat would continue to maintain this confidence. The global Hindu community is keenly watching the people of Gujarat. Gujarat will continue to maintain the air of confidence, development, and self-esteem that has come to prevail during the last ten years and I heartily congratulate the people of Gujarat for the same.”

“The Vishva Hindu Parishad is in full gear to see to it that the evil façe of the pseudo-secular forces does not come again to the driving seat of Gujarat.”

“I believe that the workers/cadres of Vishva Hindu Parishad-Gujarat would continue to work with vigilance about the divisive forces that have the agenda to drive a wedge in Hindu society. Many powers from across the world are attracted and impressed by the people of Gujarat and the Government of Gujarat.”


Chief Patron, Vishva Hindu Parishad