VHP stopped 50 lakh Hindus from converting: Togadia

Express India :

VHP stopped 50 lakh Hindus from converting: Togadia

Agencies Posted: Apr 18, 2011, at 1506 hrs

Balasore (Orissa) Viswa Hindu Parisad (VHP) said its focus was on preventing religious conversion and asked its members to protest wherever there is an attack on any Hindu.

“With its attention focused on checking conversion, VHP has succeeded in preventing about 50 lakh Hindus from switching over to other faiths in the last 10 years, ” VHP’s international general secretary Praveen Togadia said while addressing a public meeting here.

He said VHP has also brought back more than 1.5 lakh converted people into Hindu fold. He criticized both Centre and Orissa government accusing them of pursuing what he called a policy of  ‘appeasement ‘.

Togadia asked all Hindus to unite and fight for the cause of preventing conversion, cow slaughter and bringing back up the glorious past of the Hindus.