VHP welcomes Ramdev’s proposed satyagraha.

VHP welcomes Ramdev’s proposed satyagraha

TNN | May 9, 2011,

SILCHAR: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) believes that yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s proposed satyagraha against corruption will help cleanse the entire system in the country. “We are eagerly looking forward to the proposed satyagraha by Baba Ramdev. If the Baba’s gesture turns into a mass movement, the VHP will take active part in it. We hope that the proposed programme takes the shape of a revolution throughout the country,” said VHP national president Ashok Singhal.

Addressing mediapersons here on Sunday evening, Singhal said the entire country is ready to revolt against the prevailing corruption at all levels. The citizens of India have only been waiting for a dedicated leader to take on the cause. Anna Hazare’s fast-unto-death on the corruption issue clearly showed that the people are seething with rage against the rotten system, said the VHP leader.

Singhal added it’s time to bring back black money to the tune of hundreds of crores deposited in foreign banks by tax evaders. “If the said money is recovered and brought back to our country, our economy will be able to overtake even that of China. However, it’s sad that our government is not interested in resolving the matter,” said the VHP president.

The VHP national president alleged that Congress president Sonia Gandhi is keen on strengthening the foundation of her party, not of the country. “While Sonia is busy strengthening Christianity in India by encouraging conversion to the religion, the Congress has been encouraging Muslim infiltration from neighbouring countries for the sake of increasing its vote bank. Both Sonia and the Congress are out to boost the forces that are working against the ethos, tradition, culture and security of India,” alleged Singhal.

VHP, however, is all for granting refugee status to the Hindus who have been coming to India due to religious atrocities on the other side of the border. They can’t be termed as infiltrators or foreigners,” said the VHP leader.

Singhal also congratulated the US for eliminating Osama Bin Laden. “While we are happy to find that the face of international terror has been eliminated, we are sad that the Indian government is doing just the opposite of what the US did by not prosecuting terrorists like Afjal Guru and D Ibrahim,” he added.