पर्व विशेष

Sant Namdev Maharaj

Sant Namdev spent his life propagating the bhakti movement in Maharashtra, composing abhangs both in Marathi and Hindi.
Namdev was a prominent bhakti poet amongst the earliest of those who wrote in the Marathi language. He was a companion of Lord Krishna and not a servant of the Lord. Namdev is said to be an incarnation of Uddhava who was one of the closest friends of Lord Krishna.
Namdev during his childhood went to the temple, placed the plate of eatables before Vithoba and asked Him to accept the naivedya. However, when Namdev did not find any evidence of acceptance by Vithoba, he cried so bitterly that Vithoba actually assumed a human form, appeared and accepted the offerings gratefully and such events got repeated. Namdev used to talk to the Lord frequently. But Namdev was innocent of the normal trade. Khechar explained to him that God was not only in the idols in the temples but was everywhere. There are many miracles associated with Namdev.
Namdev is said to be an incarnation of Uddhava who was one of the closest friends of Lord Krishna and at the same time a foremost devotee of the Lord. The 24 chapters in the eleventh skanda of Srimad Bhagavatam which constitute the Uddhava-gita is what the Lord spoke to Uddhava. It is one of the most authentic expositions next only to the Bhagavad-gita itself, of Hindu philosophy straight from the horse’s mouth. When Krishna was taking leave of Uddhava to leave his mortal coil, Uddhava refused to part with Him. But Krishna prevailed upon him to take things as they were and advised him to go to Badarika Asrama for doing penance till the end of his life which he did.
In response to Namdev’s invitation, Vittal attended the naming ceremony of Namdev’s child in the guise of a human being, named the child ‘Narayana’ and gave good gifts on the occasion. Namdev’s mother and wife abused Lord Krishna. Under the guise of Dharma Setti of Vaikunthapuram and the pretense of past friendship with Namdev, the Lord visited Namdev’s house, gave magnificent gifts to Radha Bai and disappeared.
The Mohamedan came with the cow and told them that he was going to slaughter the cow and if the God whom they considered as the Supreme Power, should make the cow come alive. Namdev immediately replied to him that Vitthal would take care of the cow. The Mohamedan then asked him how long he would take to bring back life to the cow. Namdev then told him that he would bring it alive in 3 days. On hearing this he slaughtered the cow and left the place with a big smile thinking that in 3 days time the people who were his followers would desert him and that they would not follow him. For 3 days Namdev was just singing and crying to Lord Vitthal blaming himself as the reason for the cow’s death. Namdev almost fainted on the third day as he refused to take food or water from the time the cow was slaughtered. Vitthal then came and consoled Namdev and asked him to observe the cow. Namdev saw the cow getting up and asked Vitthal why he had made him wait for 3 days, when he could have come immediately. Vitthal then told him that it was Namdev who promised the killer that he would make it come alive in 3 days and that he waited for 3 days only to make his words true.
There are many stories and miracles associated with Sant Namdev. Let us remember him on his birthday – July 3.