VHP Central Committee Meeting Starts In Mangaluru

Oct. 11, 2021 - Delhi
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Press Release:
Mangaluru – Dec 27, 2019 The three day Central Committee meeting of the VHP started in Mangaluru’s Sangh Niketan Sabhagar.

The meeting started with the lighting of diyas by Hon. Vishvaprasannateerth ji Maharaj, Hon. Dharmadhikari Virendra ji Hegde, VHP President V S Kokje, Working President Alok Kumar and Ashok Chowgule and General Secy, Milind Parande.
Speaking on the occasion, Shri Vishvaprasannateerth ji said that “sarve bhavantu sukhinah” is the fundamental essence of our culture. Bhagwan Shri Ram is our idol and Ram Rajya our goal. Like the sun appears whenever the clouds dissipate, similarly the sun of Bharatiya culture is rising again.
During the inaugural session, Padma Bhushan Hon Shri Virendra Hegde ji said that we all want that a grand temple of Bhagwan Shri Ram be built in Ayodhya. Temples are our source of inspiration and must also become places of service. Religious conversions will stop once temples focus on serving, there will be cultural awakening and there will no more be conversions in Karnataka because of hunger and poverty. Morality in youths is the need of the hour for the nation. There is a rapid increase in people accepting Indian culture in foreign countries, he added.

VHP President & justice (retd.) Shri Kokje in his presidential address said that we have to review the working of the last six months in this 3 day meeting and also prepare the work schedule for the future. He further added that the resolution that VHP had taken in 1964, when it was formed, has not yet been fulfilled. Social equity and the goal of stopping religious conversions are yet to be achieved. VHP has an important role to play in alleviating the problems of Hindu society.

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