Unbridled Violence In The Name Of CAA Protest Unpardonable, Needs Action: Milind Parande

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New Delhi January 24, 2020. The International General Secretary of Vishva Hindu Parishad, shri Milind Parande, today said that the spate of violence that is being carried out across the country under the garb of alleged demonstrations in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act is becoming unbearable. Reacting strongly to these demonstrations, he has said that while there are massive fatal attacks on Hindus in areas like Lohardaga in Jharkhand, the capital Delhi is not untouched by violence either. Due to these so called demonstrations, important routes and parks of daily use are not only being used unauthorizedly but also millions of people in Delhi, non-Muslims / Hindus, living in Muslim dominated areas, are facing inconvenience in their daily lives.
He also said that in the name of a law which has nothing to do with the citizenship of any Indian community, some minority appeasing political parties including the Congress and anti-India powers are playing a dangerous game of misleading the public. It is absolutely necessary to take strict action against them without any delay.
A peaceful rally organised in protest against the religious persecution of Hindus by Islamic jihadis in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, was violently attacked by jihadists in Lohardaga yesterday. It must be noted that these persecuted Hindus of Af-Pak-Bangladesh are mostly scheduled castes. This violent attack against a peaceful rally in favour of the human rights of religiously persecuted hindus of Af-Pak-Bangladesh shows how the islamic jihadis can turn the tide of violence on hindus immediately with the change in government at the state level.
Expressing deep sorrow over the ruthless killings of the people of Vanvasi society protesting over Pathalgadhi in Jharkhand, he said that this is a result of the Congress Government’s coalition and its dangerous indifference towards Hindus.
VHP General Secretary, in a warning to the Congress-funded Hemant Soren government of Jharkhand, said that the government should arrest the attackers immediately and give strict punishment and make proper arrangements to compensate for the loss of security, life and property of the victimized Hindus.
Shri Parande said that while a major road of Delhi connecting the city to Uttar Pradesh had been permanently blocked, by the illegal protestors of Shaheen bagh for more than a month now, it has also become the hub of illegal sloganeering against hindus and the nation.
Not only this, in the DDA park near Vivekanand Ashram in Khureji, along with stone throwing, a mosque is being constructed surreptitiously on government land. This too must be stopped immediately.

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