Bill to stop illegal conversions in Haryana is a welcome step: Surendra Jain

New Delhi, March 4, 2022 – Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain heartily welcomed the decision of the Haryana Government to introduce a bill in the State Legislative Assembly to stop illegal conversions. Congratulating the Chief Minister of Haryana, he said that he has shown his determination by introducing this bill. Dr Jain said that this law would definitely stop illegal horizontal religious conversions, love jihad and hold down those who have been hatching anti-national conspiracies to change demographic structures through such criminal activities.


He said that Haryana has always been a ‘Dharma Kshetra’ – land upholding law & order. Human civilization has always flourished and thrived here. Unfortunately, illegal conversions changing demographic structures had created many Mewat like graveyards here for Hindus. Scores of anti-national operatives from these areas have also been caught many times. Mullah-Maulvi clerics have not only been egging on such activities but also scheming to push their Muslim community into the dark alleys of narrow-mindedness and dogmatism. Christian missionaries have also been converting gullible and unsuspecting people by force, fraud and allurement. There have also been many conflicts of these anti-national elements with the Dharma-loving people of Haryana. These deceptive and destabilising elements have many times dared to challenge the law and order situation of Haryana.


Dr Surendra Jain said that now all these elements would definitely be stopped by this law. An atmosphere of mutual harmony and peace will be created in Haryana and Haryana will move towards development at a fast pace.


Issued by -

Vinod Bansal

National Spokesperson (Vishva Hindu Parishad)