Continuous blasts in Bihar a threat to internal security; let the NIA investigate: Milind Parande

New Delhi, March 10, 2022 – In Bihar, the never-ending bomb blasts at many places one after another have not only posed a challenge to the country’s internal security, but also exposed the gaps in the know-how apparatus and machinery of the government and administration there. Expressing deep concern over the brutal incidents, Central Secretary General of Vishva Hindu Parishad Shri Milind Parande said that it is extremely necessary to put an end to the explosive situation in the state which is increasing day by day. There is a need for a wide-ranging, multi-dimensional and multi-level NIA investigation into the incidents.
In the last 9 months, dozens of people have been killed and many buildings blown up in the incidents of these bomb blasts in more than half a dozen places including Banka, Araria, Khagaria, Siwan, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur and now Gopalganj. The smell horrible of Jihadi terror and Bangladeshi links are unmistakably discernible in these incidents.

He said that in the last few years only ‘cover-up’ has been the approach and way of the police administration in addressing many cases of blasts. It is a matter of great concern for the state that horrific bomb blasts are being named as mere ‘firecracker explosions’ which, therefore, are reasoned to be undeserving of investigations and so no conclusion has been arrived at till date.
Many districts of Bihar have already turned Muslim dominated and Sahibganj and Pakur districts of neighboring Jharkhand are not untouched by the problems of infiltration. Foreign infiltrator Bangladeshi Talibes (students) also live here in huge numbers. Love jihadists have continuously been making victims of Hindu girls, particularly the daughters of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Dozens of incidents bear witness to this. Many Hindu daughters have fallen victims to kidnappings and human trafficking and forcibly taken to Bangladesh and Nepal. Many victim daughters like Manisha Singh of Purnia have even lost their lives.
The VHP secretary general has demanded that a fair, speedy and thorough investigation of the incidents is absolutely warranted. It seems logical that this investigation realistically needs to be carried out by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). He demanded from the government to overpower the jihadis and criminals, immediately ensure justice and fair compensation to the victims
Issued by -
Vinod Bansal
National Spokesperson
(Vishva Hindu Parishad)