Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) wecomes you

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) was founded on 29th August 1964, on the auspicious day of Shri Krishna  Janmashtami , with the blessings of the Saint shakti of Bharat. The objective of the VHP is to organise- consolidate the Hindu society and to serve – protect the Hindu Dharma. A strong, effective, enduring and ever-increasing presence of VHP is seen in lakhs of villages & towns in Bharat. With an increased Hindu activity all over the world, a strong & self-confident Hindu organisation is slowly taking shape.

Through over 58803 service projects in the field of health, education, self- empowerment, Gram Shiksha Mandir, etc. VHP is strengthening the grass-root level of Hindu society.

Through the consistent efforts at eradication of social evils like untouchability, VHP is absolving the Hindu society & rejuvenating it to express it’s inherent Hindu Unity.

By taking up issues like Shri Ramjanmabhoomi, Shri Amarnath yatra, Shri Ramsetu, Shri Ganga Raksha, Gau Raksha, the Hindu Mutt- mandir issue, the religious conversions of Hindus by Christian Church , Islamic terrorism, Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration etc, VHP is proving to be the indomitable force of the Hindu society for the protection of its core values- beliefs and sacred traditions.

The Impact of VHP

The coming together of all the Dharmacharyas of all the sampradayas (religions) of Hindu  Dharma.

  • The wide range of service projects and the increased tendency to serve the Hindu society.
  • Great efforts and much success in eradication of social evils.
  • The increased expression of Hindu pride & unity in the society.
  • The voluntary home-coming or ‘Paravartan’ of lakhs of people to their original Hindu Dharma in recent times.
World Hindu Conferences 1 - Delhi Vigyan Bhawan