Contribution of Hindu community in Australia

Swami Vigyanand visit to Australia

During 10th to 20th April 2008 swami Vigyanandji (Jt.General Secretary VHP) visited Australia to assist in successfully organise the first ‘Australian Hindu Conference’ He received great response from Hindu Groups, Institutes and Hindu society in Australia.HSS(Hindu Swamsevak Sangh) organised various programmes for swami Vigyanandji to convey and share Hindu thoughts with the Hindu Society in Australia.

The highlights of programmes were

1. Visit to shri Venkateshwara temple at Helen Berg NSW (the Temple is largest Hindu Temple in Pacific region)

2. Varsha pratipada (Hindu New Year Day) and Ramnavmi ( Shri Ram Janma) utasv.These Utasv are celebrated by Hindu Society all over the World with great Joy.

3. Visit to Ekal Vidyalaya foundation.

4. Visit to Veda Pathashala ( only pathashala outside Bharat to spread Elixir of Veda )

During this visit swami Vigyanandji presented lectures on

”Dying traditional knowledge system in Bharat and urgency of its revival”

“Respect and importance of elders in Hindu family and society”for the groups of Youth,Scholars and eminent people from society.

“Contribution of Hindu community in Australia”  Visvha Hindu Parishad, Australia organized

1st AUSTRALIAN HINDU CONFERENCE on 19th & 20th April 2008

19th April 2008 Inaugural Session

Being the first conference in Australia it received a very great response from Hindu society in Australia. The delegates were given a Hindu traditional welcome with Chandan, Kumkum and Om Scarf when they were entering in the main auditorium. The formal opening of the conference was done with the lighting of a traditional Hindu oil lamp, SaswarVedic prayer by Pt Mahadevan Babu, thereafter Australian Aboriginal prayer marked the inaugural session of conference.

� Shri Brijpal Singhji, President of VHP Australia, delivered the welcome speech.

� Keynote address was delivered by Prof. S.D. Singh, University of Queen’s land, Honorary Consul of Bharat for Queen’s land on the theme of

� “How does Hindu Community strengthen Australia?”

� Shri Shankar Rao Tatwawadi, Samyojak, HSS, delivered a lecture on half a century British experience.

Senior political leaders from the Ruling and opposition parties of Australia along with a ruling party of New South Wales and also Mayor of the Council were attended the conference. They spoke and extended support to the conference.

2nd Session – Society

Scholars delivered lectures on the following subjects:

a) Prof. Jayaraman, University of Western Sydney – Aspects of India-Australia Spiritual links: Ancient & Modern.

b) Bhramachary Gopal Chaitanya, Chinmaya Mission – Role of Hindu Organizations in strengthening our social fabric.

c) Shri Vasudevacharya, Sydney – Role of temples as centres of social and cultural development

d) Mr Alan Croker, Architect – Hindu temple architecture – an Australian perspective.

e) Shri Murali Dharan, Sri Venkateshwara Temple – Social transformation through innovation.

f) Swami Vigyananand, Jt. General Secretary, Vishva Hindu Parishad. – Hindu Dharma and Society: A global perspective.

Session 3: Education, Environment & Commerce

a) Hindu education in Australian Schools by Mr Jonathan Noble

b) Ancient Indian & Modern Western Intellectual Approaches by Assoc. Prof H Pota, UNSW @ ADFA, Canberra

c) Indians Impact on the Australian IT & T by Dr Krishan Anand

Wonderful and mesmerising Cultural Programmes in vocal, instrumental and dance were organized by Dr Ramanathan, a senior artist himself.

Music Workshop by Mohan & Sangeetha Ayer

Bajans by Mrs Pushpa Jagadeesh, Panchapuranam by Mrs Ketheeswari Students, Carnatic Music by Dr Ramanathan, Dance by the group of Mrs Hamsa Venkat’s students