There are about 20 lakh Hindus in this country. Most of them are Tamil speaking that were brought here from Bharat by the British 150 years ago. Many Hindu associations are active here. Malaysia is a Muslim majority country. Ever since its independence, here Hindus are being discriminated against. Fundamentalist Muslim movements have increased manifold during last some years. VHP is active here. VHP, in association with other Hindu organizations, had been conducting Hindu renaissance programmes for the past 5 years to awaken and organise the Hindus, and thousands of Hindus participated in the programme. Dharma Youth Conference was organised in 2007 with the participation of followers of Hinduism, Buddhists, Sintoism, Taoism and Confucianism. Its result was amazing. Those that were distant from one another, came to unite that had a far-reaching political influence. An organization named Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) was established in two years. It organised a big demonstration of 20 thousand Hindus on 25th November, 2007. The Malaysian Government put it down in a barbaric manner and the government reaction attracted worldwide condemnation. Far-reaching political consequences of this demonstration also came to the fore. This daring move by the Malaysian Hindus was commended everywhere. VHP took up their human rights violation cases at international fora and conducted a concerted campaign.