Sri Lanka

The Hindu population here is between 25 and 30 lakhs. 15 lakh of them are those that went there from Tamil Nadu (Bharat) 150 years ago. 15 lakh are Hindus of Sri Lankan origin that live in the North-Eastern and the Western parts of the country. After the independence of Sri Lanka, the majority Sinhala Government of Sri Lanka abrogated the citizenship rights of people of Indian origin and made them stateless. After that, they started linguistic discriminations against the Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. The Tamils opposed it peacefully, but the Sri Lankan Government put it down with barbarity. Widespread government-sponsored anti-Tamil riots were organized in the years 1956, 1977 and 1983. Once the Government of India supported the Tamil guerillas against the Government of Sri Lanka. A civil war has been going on there for the last 30 years.

The following are the fallouts of the civil war:-

  • 1700 Hindu temples destroyed
  • 70 thousand people killed
  • Over 1 lakh children orphaned
  • Over 3 lakh people internally displaced
  • Hindu businesses and economic stability weakened. The condition of Hindus has become pitiable in the fields of education and administration.
  • The people are living under a reign of fear and always feel unsafe for their life and property. More than a million people have migrated to different parts of the world. Due to terror and fear, Hindu social leadership fails to come up.

VHP was reorganized in 2001 and its activities were given a boost. It was registered again. Many youth camps were organized on a continuous basis. Sunday Hindu schools are being run. Ganesh festivals at the mass levels are being organized, propagated and spread. “Bharatiya Hindu Association” has been established to consolidate the Hindus that have gone there for employments and business.