The Session was presided over by Ex-President of Kannada Sahitya Parishad, Padmashri Shiva Murthy Shastri. In this Session, the Parliament of Bharat was requested to name the Country as Hindusthan instead of India.


“Hindus must fight the evil forces and promote a society that stands for high ideals in life. Hinduism is a symbol of purity and goodness,” said Shri M.S. Golwalkar, a Founder Trustee of V.H.P. delivering the valedictory address at the conference.

Practice the Hindu philosophy in your daily life and resist the influences that tend to disintegrate the Hindu society and give up regional and narrow tendencies”, he added.

Shri Guruji welcomed the unanimous resolution adopted by the conference earlier for abolishing untouchability, which was blessed by the large gathering of Dharmagurus.

“Untouchability”, Shri Guruji said, “should have been made an offence punishable under the law. It is a social evil come down in the society as an age-old tradition. Concerted legislative and social welfare measures could not eradicate this social stigma “.

“It is a welcome action on the part of Dharmadhikaris and Acharyas to have given a directive to the Hindu society to shed untouchability and it is our bounden duty to do our utmost to implement these directives and resolutions”, he advised.

He said, “Even sacrificing one’s life in that behalf will not be too much to ask. It is also necessary that everyone realised that he is a Hindu-to whatever section he may belong and is inferior to none.”

While calling upon the people not to continue the social inequality of untouchability which gives room for the feeling of high and low and creates a discordant harmony. Shri Guruji said that reservation of castes in legislatures and employment for the scheduled castes and tribes would not help to raise their status but would help them to preserve a separate entity.