Seva Overview

SEVA is one of the fundamental bases of Bharatiya Sanskriti, which is famous in the world for its great ideals, noble principles, lofty character, and classic literature.

‘SEVA’ is the immortal message of Bharatiya Vichardhara pervaded throughout the endless horizon from times immemorial.

‘SEVA’ is the main feature, the key point and the essential merit of Bharatiya Samajik Chetna, which is unique ever since it started.

‘SEVA’ is the essence of devotion and that too with full dedication. It is considered to be the foremost quality of Human life according to the Holy Gita.

‘SEVA’ though easy to pronounce, has got vast implications as regards its multifaceted expression, effect, and action.

‘SEVA’ is greater far in gravity, seriousness, and importance than the letters it contains.

‘SEVA’ is doubly blessed as one who is served is undoubtedly benefited but he who serves finds the inexplicable joy of self-contentment, which can neither be measured by any unit nor described by speech.

‘SEVA’ in fact is the inspiring fountain of Bharatiya Parampara, which is being inducted, in every Hindu child from the very beginning. 1 remember when 1 was in the pre-primary school 1 used to sing this prayer daily before the class started-

“Waha Shakti Hamain Do Dayanidhe Kartavya Marg Par Dat Jayen.
Parseva Parupkaar Mein Ham Nij Jeevan Safal Bana Jayen.”

‘SEVA’ is the most essential virtue to make one’s life meaningful i.e. the success of one’s, life lies in the service to others.

In order to ameliorate their lot anything which is done with full devotion, unending selfless motive and unrestrained dynamism is NAR SEVA which one considers to be far superior to the royal throne, paradise and salvation and that is why king Rantidev said-

“Na Twaham Kamaye Rajyam Na Swargam Na-apunarbhavam.
Kaamaye Dukha-Taptanam Praninamarti Naashanam.”