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Gow-Raksha Vibhag

While underscoring the importance and recognition given by the Hindu society for cow, the VHP had started making its own contribution soon after its inception to the Cow Protection Campaigns that were already going on in Bharat for long; but no independent Vibhag was not formed. Full credit for the formation of this Vibhag goes to Shrimant Vijayaraje Scindia.

Despite her repeated insistence from time to time, an independent Vibhag could not be formed. Rajamata had submitted the resolution written in her own handwriting in the meeting of the Kendriya Prannyasi Mandal at Bhopal (1986). Cow-rearing and Cow-conservation also were included in the resolution for anti-cow slaughter.

The meeting not only passed the resolution, but the Bharatiya Gow-Vamsh Rakshan Evam Samvardhan Samiti was formed and Shrimant Rajamata was appointed its President to ensure its immediate implementation. Shri. Devakinandan Agrawal (Prayag) and Shri. Purushottam Das Jhunjhunwala (Bihar) was kept as its members and Shri. Narasimha Joshi was appointed its convener.

Gradually Provincial Conveners were appointed for Hariyana, Pashcimi Uttar Pradesh, Purvi Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Mahakoshal, Gujarat, Vidarbha, Maharashtra, and Karnataka for achieving this objective at the earliest.

After the formation of the Committee, Gow-Raksha Sammelans were held in Ara and Tatanagar. Pujya Shankaracharya Swami Niranjandeo Tirth Maharaj attended Ara Sammelan whereas Prabhudatt Brahmachari participated in the Tatanagar Sammelan. Shri. Narasimha Joshi undertook a tour of some places in Hariyana, Vidarbha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka. Apart from this, he went to important cities like Kolkata, Prayag, Cuttack, Jabalpur, Indore, etc. After his tours, the work picked up speed not only on the provincial levels but also at other levels like district, Prakhand, etc.

2006: Gow-Raksha SammelanA Sammelan titled ‘Gow-Sanskriti-2006’ was held in the excellent Gow-Shala (cow-shed) of Shri. Ratanlal Bafna (Ahimsa Tirth) at Jalgaon on 7-10 March 2006. The motto of Sammelan was ‘Several problems, one solution: Our dear mother cow’.

The number of participants was 700 comprising of 531 delegates of the registered bodies and 169 were the special invitees. The special invitees included 50 scientists and 60 doctors. Apart from this 200 Gow-Shala representatives from 37 provinces of the country have also attended the Sammelan. Besides, the delegates of 20 very important organizations like RSS, VHP, Arya Samaj, Gayatri Pariwar, Krishi Gow Sewa Sangh, Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam Trust, ISKCON, Pujya Asaram Bapu Ashram, Swami Narayan Mandir, Ramachandrapur Mutt (Karnataka), etc. attended the Sammelan with enthusiasm. The Sammelan conducted 13 sessions and 5 symposia.

Gau-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra

The project established in 1996 with Objective

  • Establishment of Research and Development center in medicinal, agricultural, pharmaceutical, nutritional, environmental, technological area
  • Encourage other establishment or manufacturing units for production, distribution, and sale of useful products derived from panchgavya
  • Provide research aid to competent persons, institutions and organization
  • Organize seminars, conferences, workshop, and orientation programs to promote the use of panchgavya
  • Provide information and literature on the utility of products obtained from panchgavya by way of publishing and distributing books and periodic employing such other means of communication as may be considered necessary
  • Establish diagnostic and clinical centers and hospitals at various places in India
  • Collaborate with such other institutions or organization which may be engaged in activities in the area of mutual interest
  • Establish branches of the organization at regional, national & international levels
  • Any other project which will propagate and serve the cause of socio-economic and technological utilization of panchgavya products.



At present 450 cattle are in the Goshala campus which are saved from the hands of butchers. Near about 420 cattle are non-milking.100% utilization of Cow Dung & Cow Urine is being done at this place. Project is self-sufficient for day-to-day expenses of cattle, for research, development, construction activities & publication of literature in various regional languages. Society & donors regularly approached for generous donations for this noble cause.

The Institution has been very successful in proving the utility of Panchagavya (Cow dung, urine, milk, curd, ghee, buttermilk) in Agriculture, human health, animal health, as a renewable energy source & preparation of utility products, etc., scientifically for acceptance to all sections of society.GVAK motivates scientists working in allied fields of Research and Development, by organizing Scientific Seminars and conferences. This resulted in two US patents granted to cow urine distillate. One filed through NEERI (CSIR) still pending and one global patent granted to cow urine + neem & / garlic-based pest repellant (kitniyantrak). All most 40 Premier Research Institutions belonging to CSIR, ICAR, ICMR & Universities are working in association with GVAK for cattle protection movement.

  • A clinic with 10 Vaidyas, Doctors, Experts, caters to the needs of patients suffering from Skin Diseases, Eczema, Psoriasis, GIT disorders, Obesity, Renal & Urinary system failures,
  • Leucoderma, Cough & Cold, Diabetes M., Cancer, Piles, Gynecological Diseases, Pediatrics, Arthritis, General Debility, Worm, Purities Other neurological problems, Oedema /Anasarca
  • Asthma Other Respiratory Diseases, Cardio Vascular/HT
  • In 11 years span more than 50 thousand of the patients have been exceptionally benefited through panchagya Ayurved therapy.GVAK helps & guides the students doing Ph.D., MD, M.Pharma, MSc.
  • More than ten thousand (10,000) farmers tribals, Gopalaks, some vaidyas and Doctors, Goshala-keepers have been benefited through intensive training & coaching in the last 11 years at our workplace at Developer.

Shri Guruji on Cow Protection

In this Holy Land we, Hindus have been living as the children of the soil for millennia. Our cultural traditions have been built here, evolving towards great purity, morality, and holiness. This process continued until we lost our independence as a political entity. It came to a standstill and even retarded from the time the country passed under the domination of peoples of foreign religion and culture. The worship of the cow, which came to be regarded as the one place where all the Gods reside together in harmony had long before become established as a national duty.

The cow and her species had become an emblem of our National Independence and honor. Naturally, this holy species was protected by the worshipful and grateful people. Cow-slaughter was unthinkable. It was a heinous sin calling for dire punishment of the wicked that through inadvertence or perversity committed the crime.

With foreigners, hostile to our National and cultural traditions, establishing themselves as rulers, things changed. The invaders, in order to break the spirit of the conquered people and thus be able to hold them in subjection for all time, started a crusade against everything the Hindu held in reverence and thus tried to kill their sentiments, emotions and urge to regain their freedom. Acts of reckless vandalism evidenced by destruction of holy place .of worship and pilgrimage, dishonouring women-folk and indiscriminate slaughtering of the cow species were freely indulged in to spite the Hindu and brutally show him that he was a mere slave, with no rights, no privileges, not even sentiments which could deserve any consideration at the hands of the conquerors. From the first onslaughts of Arabs, Turks, Mughals, etc.,

claiming to be propagators of Islam, to later European invaders, cow-slaughter came to be looked upon (so it seems) as evidence of their domination and supremacy. Naturally for the Hindu, it was a disgraceful sign of his abject slavery.

All freedom fighters, therefore, declared cow-protection as their aim, meaning thereby that they were determined to wipe out every stigma on our National life and once again establish independence in which our hoary culture could once more flourish and continue in its evolution to a higher and holier life. Chhatrapati Shivaji was known as ‘Go-Brahmin Pratipalak’ protector of cows and Brahmins. Shri Guru Govind Singhji Maharaj earnestly prayed to be able to destroy the ‘Turk’ so as to be able to end the sufferings of the cow and protect Dharma.

The 1857 war of Independence sparked in to a conflagration on the question of cow, the Kuka uprising was inspired by the devotion to the cow and later great leaders of the freedom movement like Lokmanya Tilak and Mahatma Gandhi declared that their first act after ousting the British i.e. foreign rule, would t making law totally prohibiting the slaughter of cow and her-special Mahatma Gandhi went so far as to say that to his mind the question of ‘cow’ was of more importance than Swarajya itself. Hence WOI on many fronts e.g. establishing Go-Shalas, pinjrapols, etc submitting memoranda to the Government and agitating in various ways Ts to redeem our National honor, has been going all down these past many years.

But surprisingly our Government formed after the departure of the foreign rulers has till today failed to realize that this is an issue of first-rate National importance that without the total prohibition of slaughter of the cow species of any age or condition, Swarajya incomplete and very irritating vestiges of slavery continue to damp national consciousness. They are wrongly trying to confuse it with economic issues forgetting that national prestige cannot be measured in terms of rupees and paisas. They have all along failed to appreciate that by continuing to allow cow slaughter they are propagating at perpetuating slavery.

Indeed one begins to believe that the patriotism of most of our leaders was nothing more than anti-Britishism and that too in so f as the continuance of British rule deprived them of power and pelf in feelings, sentiments, thoughts and emotions they seem to be foreign to our National heritage as any Turk or Britisher could be.

We as a people have to realize this fact of our life and decide whether we would like to remain under foreign domination carried on by local persons or to shake ourselves free of every vestige of slavery and stand erect as an independent, self-reliant, self-respecting and therefore universally respected Nation. The report (1 cannot vouchsafe for its correctness) that the present Government has been pressurized by the U.S.A., and other foreign powers into agreeing r to prohibit cow-slaughter under pains of forfeiting the various types of aid we are obtaining from them, is clear evidence of our being dominated and dictated to by foreigners in short, of our not having yet achieved that glorious state which we call ‘Independence’ should open the eyes of every patriotic citizen worth his salt tragedy of the situation.


It is with the sole objective of re-awakening the soul Nation and frees our life of the taints of slavery that our holy have launched upon the present phase of the continuing agitation demanding a country-wide ban on the slaughter of the cow and her species by suitable central legislation. Should we all be spectators in this movement or come forward to do our part duty-that is the question facing us today. From the so far declared attitude of the Government, it is to be feared that the precious lives of our holy men may be lost, and the Government has one feather in its cap in the matter of slighting the sentiments Hindu people and trampling upon surging nationalism.

The argument repeated again and again that it is for the States to make suitable enactments and not within the preview of the Centre to do so is only trying to shelve the issue. The mind of our leaders in positions of power does not seem to be clean. On one hand they say they y to persuade the States to pass such acts but on the other the Centre has recently recommended to the Mysore State, in the old Mysore part of which there had always been total prohibition on slat of the cow species, to amend the existing law so as to enable the slaughter of the species for and in the Army. It is reported tha1 the conflagration of 1857 the British, out of regard for the sentiments of the Hindus and Muslims in the armed forces had disallowed the use of beef and pork in the army. It seems our Government is determined now to take a retrograde step and supply the beef Army. Probable pork is still prohibited. At least in the high commissioner’s establishment in the U.K., this is reported to be so – beef is served and pork totally prohibited.

Under these circumstances what should we, the common people do? As ordinary men, it is beyond our capacity to emulate the greatly respected saints and go on an indefinite fast. As patriotic and sober citizens we cannot indulge in acts of lawlessness and violence, the only language which unfortunately our Government seems to understand and bows down before. We can not stoop to bully the Government into surrender for we feel it will detract from the necessary prestige of the Government, which we feel to be our very own. What then can we do?

Under the present set up, agitations, demonstrations are apparently well-recognized means to achieve any objective by persuading or compelling the Government to accede to the demands. But there are one more very respectable and universally accepted means that of demonstrating our approbation or disapprobation to the policies of the group responsible for the Government through the ballot box. Shortly this opportunity is again being offered to the people in the form of coming elections. Though the movement launched for demanding countrywide legal ban on slaughter of the Cow species which began as early as April 1966, was led by Sadhus and other pious men and had not contemplated it’s becoming an election issue and though personally and as representative of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, I am not interested in political activity and have nothing to do with the coming elections.

I am taking this liberty of calling upon my worthy countrymen to exercise their vote and intelligence and discrimination and vote for those who stand for total and unreserved ban on the slaughter of the cow species and not for those who have directly or indirectly been allowing this National disgrace to taint the fair face of our Holy Land. I would also warn them against being misled by tall and extravagant promises which will be held out by persons and parties for such promises do not seem to be meant to be fulfilled.

Let every voter calmly and with understanding scrutinize the past performance and present promises of every person and party and exercise his right judiciously so as to be able to achieve the cherished goal of full protection of the cow species and through it regaining our real freedom, shattering the shackles of the past few centuries, serfdom and re-establishing our hoary Nation in unsullied effulgence and glory.