Durga Vahini

Bajarang Dal had gained the approbation throughout the country on account of eligibility, sincerity and hard work, as regards various dimensions of Shriram Janmabhumi Mukti Andolan. As a result of its dynamic contribution, the neo-youths from all over the country got attracted towards the VHP. The youths in thousands have joined the Bajarang Dal in different parts of the country. Similarly, the girls also were attracted towards the VHP. With a view to kindling a sense of security, Sanskar and dynamism as also to solve various problems pertaining to them, the VHP founded an independent organisation of Hindu Yuwatis in the name of Durga Vahini on Ashwin Shukla Ashtami (Durga-Ashtami) of Samwat 2041 (1984-84). The sisters between 15 to 35 years can join Durga Vahini. Durga Vahini is an unequalled organisation of Hindu Yuwatis, which is committed to the protection of Rashtra-Dharma and Sanskriti through bringing about a renaissance in the Hindu society with Service, Security and Sanskars as its motto.

Durga Vahini is not lagging behind the Bajarang Dal in any way in accomplishing all the action-plans of Shriram Janmabhumi Mukti Andolan most effectively and with equal strength. They had participated in Karsewa and Satyagraha etc. in big numbers. They had undauntedly faced all the obstacles in the path of reaching Ayodhya for Karsewa like their male counterparts. The blood-stained scenario in Ayodhya on that day rather forced them to forsake their normal female tenderness and affinity; and assume a most splendorous form by creating a living,s sturdy women’s wall around to protect their brothers who were being assaulted by the security forces with lathis and bullets. They were not deterred even after they were arrested by the police and deserted in a sort of forlorn, far away places. They walked the long-off distances on foot. Shriram Janmabhumi Andolan kindled a new unprecedented dynamism among the Hindu Yuwatis. It is expected from the Durgas of Durga Vahini that they extend their co-operation in providing a solid support to the Hindu Society and culture by ending all types insecurity, unrighteousness, immorality and inequality among Hindus and to launch our nation on to the path of progress; to create a Dharmic atmosphere and to re-establish Dharma by destroying all the wicked and crooked people like Durga Devi did in the ancient times. Looking to the utility and importance of Durga Vahini, an All Bharat status was conferred upon it through a declaration in an Akhil Bharat Mahila Sammelan held on 07 May 1994 at Delhi and Pujya Sadhvi Ritambhara vas made its Akhil Bharat Samyojika and Smt. Dr Nirmala Purohit as its Sah-Samyojika.

Durga Vahini is a dynamic voluntary organisation of Hindu Yuwatis. The centre of strength or energy of any nation is its youth force. Because, it is this youth power alone that takes the society and nation to the acme of glory, even at the cost of their lives. That’s the reason why all the societies and institutions always strive to enlist the involvement of youth power with them. The non-idle, dynamic youth power itself is the backbone of any nation. The Vedas have therefore given the message of Charaiveti, Charaiveti (Be on the move, Be dynamic). Dynamism is life and non-dynamism is death. The Durgas of Durga Vahini had to ceaselessly work for the nation. They will have to adopt different programmes to create various virtues like awakening, unity, valour etc. among them. It is but natural that these Durgas should be sturdy and quite competent both physically and mentally. The image of Durga Vahini should be of an organisation that strives for the security of society and imparts Sanskars. Hence the following points were taken into account while bestowing an All Bharat status upon Durga Vahini.

Important Points of the Organisation

  1. This will be an organisation of Nav Yuwatis under the aegis of VHP.
  2. Its Chief would be called as Samyojika and she will be a member of the Working Committee unit of the VHP.
  3. Appointment of the Samyojika would be made in consultations with the concerned units of the Parishad.
  4. There shall be a group of associates of 5 members on the level of every unit for its expansion and consultations. The Group of Associate would be comprised of Sharirik Pramukh, Bouddhik Pramukh, Geet Pramukh, Karyalaya Pramukh and Nidhi Pramukh.
  5. The ideal of Durga Vahini would be Durga and its motto Service, Security and Sanskar
  6. The uniform of Durga Vahini would consist of a white Salwar, white Kurta, saffron Chunari, white Joota (of cloth) and socks; and a belt with an inscription thereon as Durga Vahini.
  7. Every Durga would do exercises regularly, Asanas for increasing her physical stamina and read/study good literature (like biographies of Valiant / Devotee / Wise Women).
  8. Recitation of a minimum of 8 slokas of Durga Saptashati.
  9. Expansion of service activities; Undertaking collective and individual service activities in the Sewa Bastis by rising above selfishness and casteist considerations.
  10. Organising discussions on the topic like the role of Nav Yuwatis in the nation making and debates on the subjects like from the noble Gruhini to noble progeny
  11. Arranging smaller camps to acquire rudimentary knowledge of First Aid, Accu-pressure, house-hold therapy etc.
  12. Ensuring rehabilitation of the afflicted Yuwatis (women, widows, deserted women, or any other women involved in accident etc.) by providing them security through Legal Consultation Centre, or arranging relief.
  13. Re-establishing the noble human values in keeping with the Hindu culture.
  14. Consolidating the sublime Sanskars by creating cultural and national spirit among the Yuwatis through a sturdy campaign of cultural awakening.
  15. Arranging programmes like disciplined Dharana, Protests, Exhibitions, Sammelans etc. according to the necessity for resolving the problems like obscenity, molestation, human trafficking etc. with a view to protecting the womenfolk. These campaigns would be of the level of higher education and Sanskars etc.
  16. To contribute towards forestalling the proselytising activities by cautioning our sisters of the conspiracies of alien faiths like Islam and Christianity.
  17. To give the taste of unity by creating public awakening through the medium of Parvas by co-ordinating the important Parvas of various Panthas and Sampradayas.
  18. Inspiring our sisters for the task of Gow-Sewa, Gow-Pujan, Gow-Rakshan, Gow- Samvardhan informing them about the religious, cultural, agricultural, commercial and medicinal importance of the mother cow.
  19. To start at least one service activity in one Sewa Basti of the city with a population of one lakh. (like Shakti Sadhana Kendra, Bal Sanskar Kendra, Tailoring Centre, Medical Centre, Library etc.)
  20. Maximum number of Durgas to be inspired to devote their whole time for social service.

Organisational Expansion

Work is going for the organisational expansion of Durga Vahini for past several years. It is felt that the organisation of Durga Vahini would stand independently in all its dimensions in the coming days. Training camps are being organised in all the provinces for 2-3 days to 15-20 days for the sisters. The attendance of the workers of the Mahila Vibhag and Durga Vahini in all the regional Vargas is encouraging.

Durga Vahini emphasises the Service, Security and Sanskars while working in the society —


For this purpose various service centres like Tailoring centres, vocational courses etc. are being run by Durga Vahini in different places of the country. A sense of self-reliance is being awakened among the womenfolk. The Yuwatis deserted by her in-laws and widows is now assured of the support by Durga Vahini. Assistance to service projects/activities, hostels, orphanages etc. working in the Sewa Bastis are being procured through the medium of Free Tuition, Dan-Patra, Mushti-Dan Scheme etc. A sense of affinity is being generated by visiting patients in the hospitals and wishing them a speedy recovery. Fresh ways are found out for rendering service to humanity by holding Blood Donation Camps, Blood Group Determination Camps etc.


Training imparted to the Durgas is very important in view of all these activities. During the course of this training, practice is being made of physical education, Yog and Niyuddha together with Chhurika (dagger-wielding) Gun (firing) etc. All these help in moulding the psyche of the Durgas and prepare them for self-defence and defence of the society too. Since these programmes are very appealing, their inner consciousness also gets awakened. This organisation is not a sheer Bhajani Mandal of women.


Sourya Prashikshan Vargas is conducted for 6 to 15 days in almost all the provinces of the country. Apart from these, a two-days Abhyas Vargas also are organised on divisional and district levels. The Durgas are trained in a disciplined and Susanskarit (well-cultured) life.

Durga Vahini Saurashtra Province


  • Through the above programmes, there is a marked growth in the number of Durgas and their organisation. Greater number of sisters are getting inspired by the goal of Durga Vahini and coming forward to take part in this national Yajna by devoting maximum time for the expansion of the organisation.
  • The organisational base is being expanded by bringing in it a sense of belonging and affinity in the society through the medium of Sewa by the Durga Vahini.
  • The level of self-confidence has increased among the Durgas through the medium of security programmes. Besides, they are gaining the capability to perform the most adventurous feats after undergoing the training in Niyuddha and Rifle shooting etc.
  • Improvement is being seen in the families through the Durgas, who are becoming Sanskar Sampanna by these programmes. Since good Sankars are imbibed by them, the mothers in the families also are becoming aware of our culture and Sanskars and therethrough we are getting succour for the formation of a healthy society.
  • Yuwatis are getting associated with the Organisation on a very large scale through the medium of physical programmes. Even the School and College girls are joining Durga Vahini with alacrity and affinity.
  • Conversion is being opposed through the Vigilance Campaign, and social awakening also is taking place. The Yuwatis are being rehabilitated after they are brought back from their converted faiths, and thus they are able to see the light of the day towards reforms.
  • The vulgar posters, banners are being removed under the agitational programmes. Similarly, awareness about ecology is also growing

In fine, efforts are being made for redressal of various problems of the society, especially Yuwatis through Durga Vahini.