Dharma Sansad 4

It was convenved at Talkatora Stadium, New Dellhi on 2-3 April 1991. Inaugural session was presided over by Jagadguru Shankaracharya Pujya Swami Vasudevanand Saraswati Maharaj of Jyotish Peeth.Shri. Ashok Singhal delivered the introductory speech. About 4,000 Saint-Mahants from all over the country participated in this session. The Convener of Kendriya Margadarshak Mandal Acharya Ramnath Suman anchored the proceedings of the Sansad. Shri. Raghunandan Prasad Sharma took down the notings of the proceedings .

Note-worthy work
Keeping in view the insults hurled at Saints and the martyrdom of the Hindu youths in Ayodhya in October-November 1990, it was appealed to the people to use their vote power with discretion in the general elections of May 1991.

An mega-rally of over 25 lakh Hindus, the largest ever, but peaceful, orderly and unprecedented Hindu presence was organised at Delhi on 4 April 1991. The Uttar Pradesh Govt. collapsed in the same evening.

Resolutions Passed
The following 10 resolutions were passed :

01. H. E. President of Bharat was requested to impose the Presidential rule in Uttar Pradesh and the Janmabhumi be handed over to Shriram Janmabhumi Nyas after freeing the same from the judicial control and pave the way for re-constructtion of Shriram Janmabhumi Mandir.

02. People were called upon to use their vote power with discretion in the ensuring general elections.

03. The journalistic independence of the language news papers was appreciated for their yeoman service in taking to the Bharatiya masses the historical facts of Shriram Janmabhumi Mukti Sangharsh through their factual reports.

04. The Hindu populace was called upon to be aware of country-wide Muslim plans of Hindu annihila- tion and rise against the country-wide goondaism to protect their own life, property and also honour of Hindu womenfolk.

05. Thanks were given to Bharatiya Janata Party for extending their active support to the movement being carried on for the construction of Shriram Janmabhumi temple at Ayodhya.

06. It was demanded that acquisition of Hindu religious places by government be stopped forthwith.

07. With a view to reform Hindu society, the Siant-Shakti was appealed to eradicate untouchability, casteism, dowry, atrocities on womenfolks etc. found in the society; and to prevent corruption, social injustice and deterioration in the moral values of the society.

08. Televison and All India Radio were cautioned to desist from anti-Hindu, anti-national, and anti- democracy attitude by treating broadcast on them as a very serious catastrophe for social and national life of Bharat.

09. While expressing its deep concern on the annihilation of cows and her progeny in Bharat, an appeal was made to the govt to immediately impose a total and effective ban on cow slaughter within the limits of entire Bharat.

10. Sadhu-Saints and Dharmacharyas of all Sampradayas and Panthas of Hindu Dharma were heartily congratulated for awakening an unprecedented duty consciousness for the protection of the country, Dharma and community.

Significant Achievement
The appeal by the Dharma Sansad and the mega-rally changed the politics of the country; and the country took a new turn. The people elected such representatives to Parliament and state Assemblies in a large number, who had faith in Hindutva and who believed in the slogan Proclaim proudly, we are Hindu.