Baba Amarnath Yatra

What Really is The Amarnath Issue:

This year, by the end of June 2008, over two and half lakh pilgrims have taken darshan of the holy ice Shivling of Bhagvan Shankarji at Baba Amarnath in the Himalayas in Jammu & Kashmir. The separatist and fundamentalist Muslims in the Kashmir valley could not tolerate this. On J&K High Court orders, the J&K State Govt. allotted 40 hectares of land to the Amarnath Shrine Board for the arrangements of lakhs of Hindu pilgrims pouring in from all over the country. Under the pretext that the Govt. was giving land for settling the Hindus in the Kashmir valley, agitation was started by the Muslim separatists forces in Kasmir valley at the end of June 2008. The general Muslim population in the valley backed it to the hilt by coming on the street in huge numbers and stoning the vehicles of the Baba Amarnath Yatra. Many Hindu pilgrims were badly injured. The yatra was disturbed continuously for 3-4 days. This was a direct attempt to block the darshan of Bhagvan Shankarji and stop the Baba Amarnath Yatra. The demand was put forward to revoke the order of the land allotment to the Amarnath Shrine Board. The Muslim political party, PDP, which was a part of the ruling coalition with Congress in the state govt. threatened to pull out of the govt. if the land allotment was not revoked by 30 th June. This was a blatant support to an anti-national demand keeping in mind the future state assembly elections in November 2008. Eventually, PDP pulled out of the state govt. on the 28 th June to reduce the Congress govt. to a minority. As usual, the Congress bowed down & succumbed to the pressure of the Muslim fundamentalist forces and first stopped the construction work that was going on the tract of land given to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board. Then the Amarnath Shrine Board declared that it does not require the allotment of the land to it. . This was done under the pretext that the Amarnath Shrine Board has agreed to this ( by arm twisting) if the State Govt. assures that if it will do all the necessary arrangements for the pilgrims. The state govt. in the next step, took over the arrangement of the whole yatra from the Amarnath Shrine Yatra rendering it powerless and pointless. A big agitation by the Hindus started in the Jammu region against this and a bandh was called for two days which was extended by 1 more day to 2 nd June. The Bandh was successful and widespread. The national highway to the Kashmir valley was also blocked cutting of supplies by the agitators. The govt. used huge brutal force against the Hindu agitators. The Muslim separatist agitators on 29 th June put forward 2 more really dangerous and anti-national demands. Firstly, a demand was put forward to dissolve the Amarnath Shrine Board. Secondly, the Military should return all the forest land it was occupying in the Kashmir valley. The Militarys stay there was equated with that Israel military in the Palestine! All the demands from the first, were couched in the rosy language of environment and forest protection. But with these two anti-national demands, the true intentions were revealed. This also indicated the future danger (from all the so-called secular forces or the fundamentalist forces opposed to Hindus) to all the Hindu pilgrimage centers which are either situated in the forest or on the mountain tops ( eg. Vaishnav Devi temple, Tirupati temple, Ayyapa temple etc.)


Baba Amarnath Yatra Baba Amarnath Yatra1


5 demands are put forward by VHP to the Govt

1) The restoration of the land as well as the arrangements of the Amarnath Yatra back to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board.

2) To take back & restore all the Haj house properties to the society in general to start medical facilities for the poor .

3) Cancel the Haj subsidy given to the Haj pilgrims.

4) Dismiss the minority State Govt. of J&K, & hand over the Jammu and Kashmir state to the Military to destroy the widespread anti-national Muslim fundamentalist, terrorist activities there.

5) Abolish the Article 370 accorded to the J&K.

What Really is The Amarnath Issue:

1. Amarnath and  ALL HINDU Temples, teerths & pious places of worship of Hindus exist in Jungles, on Hills & Mountains, on the banks of rivers & seas from ages, much before Islam was born just 1500 years back. Therefore any other religion or government claiming the land or surrounding of the said places of worship is ridiculous.

2. Therefore, no other religion or any government have any right to tell Hindus where, how, when, who should go for Yaatras or pray. Neither Amarnath, nor Vaishnodevi or thousand of Hindu worship places either in Kashmir or anywhere in India should have any governmental or other religion or cults interference as this is a matter of Faith of Hindus since ages.

3. Jammu & Kashmir High Court ordered in 2002 that Land of Amarnath to be given to Amarnath Yaatra for arrangements of the Yatrees ( due nto very inhospitable and cold atmosphere there) for 2 months as per Supreme Court ecological guidelines.

4. Jammu & Kashmir Assembly in 2002 passed that Amarnath Shrine Board would be an Autonomous Body with ONLY Hindu members in it which will maintain the Amarnath Shrine & also take the total responsibility of the Amarnath Yaatra.

5. The land in question now was not given by J&K Govt as a gift or free to facilitate Hindu Yaatra at Amarnath! It was given to the Amarnath Shrine Board charging Rs. 2 Crores, 31 Lakhs. All other places in India, the usage of land that Muslims & other religions are doing for their Yaatras, Haj, urs etc is a special gift by the govt including Haj Houses or special structures built AT the Airports at the time of Haj (ignoring the security threat) or at Ajmer or at Haji Ali ( Mumbai) etc.

6. In spite of all this, now the govt with its own whims & fancy, withdrew the Amarnath land in keeping with the demands of Jehadis. While doing so, the Govt has broken the constitutional norms because, as a custodian of Amarnath Yaatra, Amarnath Shrine Board members should have been consulted. But the Governor, abruptly, as if HE personally owns Amarnath & the land, did not call for any meeting of the autonomous board. This is unconstitutional.

7. Moreover, to please Jehadis, the Govt also took away the Amarnath Yaatra responsibility from Amarnath Shrine Board which has only Hindu members, who took care of Hindu Yaatris with compassion. Now Govt gave this Yaatra to J&K Tourism Dept of Govt run by Muslims. Result? Amarnath Yaatris are being looted on way even by ponnywalas charging over Rs, 10,000. Yaatris are beaten up & terrorized. There was a cloud burst 2 days back at Amarnath where over 50 tents were damaged, Langars feeding yaatris washed away, many yaatris injured but nobody helped on time.

When TV channels showed this & the police brutality in Jammu against Hindus, govt banned, beat up media.

1. It is not just the Amarnath matter. This Governmental Jehad against Hindus & Hindu places of worship is seen everywhere in India, be it efforts to break Rameshwaram Ramsetu endangering Rameshwaram Shiva temple of the bad sea attack, banning lamps in Tryambakeshwar Jyotirlingam or giving Hindu land & Gouchar lands to Haj Houses. This is a serious conspiracy against Hindus all India & Hindus all India have realized it including north to south & east to west. South India has the most number of Ancient temples & breaking Rameshwaram Ramsetu to destroy Rameshwaram Shiva temple will not be tolerated by South India. In Tamil Nadu, govt has even forced the Archaks (pundits) not to pray in Sanskrit! Same govt gives jobs to Madrasa students who learn Urdu & Qoran teaching jehad.

2. Therefore, Amarnath is just the tip of the iceberg & Hindus all India have understood the larger game plan of the govt hand in hand with jehadis to finish all Hindus & all Hindu places of worship in India.

3. Hindus in j&k have been terrorised, tortured, killed, their places of worship, temples destroyed for quite some time now. From kashmir, the kasmiri hindus were forced out after the worst ever genocide & even today they have not been relocated. Now using amarnath, same governments & jehadis are planning to force jammu hindus out.

4. Same is happening in assam, most coastal areas of south india, bengal, all villages in india has unauthorised mosques & madrasas at entry & exits supporting & helping jehadis & destroying hindu temples & economy. This is government sponsored jehad against hindus & because jammu hindus have woken up & fighting against it, govt is killing them & media who show the truth of jammu.