Dharma Yatra Of Kerala 1983

Dharma Yatra of Kerala 1983

A yatra was taken out by the Dharmacharyas in the name of “Dharma Yatra” in Kerala in 1983. It was comprised of two Yatras: one from the southern tip of Kerala and the other from its northern tip. DaiviJyotis (divine flames) received from Devi Kanyakumari and Devi Mukambika temples respectively, were installed in these Rathas. These Rathas traversed 14 districts of Kerala in 25 days. During the course of the journey, these Rathas specifically went through the Harijan and Girijan Bastis. The Sants and Mahatmas met the residents with love and affection. They not only visited these brethren, but also partook the food prepared and served personally by those residents. Eyes of the Sants were moistened on seeing their loving and affectionate attitude and innocent behaviour. Perhaps it was for the first time in the history of Kerala that the Sants have gone to those people.

Following statistics themselve prove utility of Yatras :

  • Sant participation : 52
  • Talukas Traversed : 52
  • Places Covered : 798
  • Harijan-Girijan Bastis Contacted : 580
  • Public Participated : 2,10,000
  • Public Meetings held : 60
  • Processions Taken Out : 24
  • Total Distance Travelled : 7,000 Kms