Untouchability Cannot Be Removed By Mere Pious Expression:

Vishva Hindu Parishad, Karnatak Pradesh in its Regional Sammelan passed many momentous resolutions. To emphasize the implementation of these resolutions, Shri Guruji wrote a letter drawing attention, mainly to Untouchability Removal resolution.




The Karnatak Provincial Conference of the Vishva Hindu Parishad is over. It was a grand affair beyond even the most extravagant expectations of the convenors and workers. Naturally its success has roused great expectations in the minds of all. But I think it will not be reasonable to suppose that all things will change for the better immediately as if by magic. Hard persistent work is called for. Indeed the conference may be rightly considered to be a clarion call to untiring efforts for the all round betterment and consolidation of the Hindu people. The success of the conference should not make us complacent.

To take an example: The resolution on Untouchability – blessed by all our Acharyas and Dharmagurus, Mathadhipatis and other holy men of all our sects – cannot be translated into actual life by mere pious expressions. Centuries old prejudices do not disappear by words or wishful thinking. Hard work, right propaganda has to be undertaken from town to town, village to village, house to house and people have to be educated to accept and practice what has been resolved, not merely as a concession to the pressure of modern times but as an abiding principle and way of life, in a humble spirit of atonement for past mistakes. A change of heart a moral and emotional change in the attitudes and behaviour has to be brought about. Working for the economic and political betterment of those who had been relegated to the background and bringing them up to stand shoulder to shoulder with all the rest of out people is a Herculean task.