Ramsetu Agitation

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Rama Setu – the Bridge of Ram –

is an amazing structure in the Indian Ocean, a continuous fourty-eight km long stretch of underwater causeway, which connects Rameshwaram, the southern-eastern tip of the Indian peninsula, to Talaimannar, the northern-western tip of Sri Lanka.Maharshi Valmiki has described in great detail, the life of that Great Hero Sri Rama. He has not only provided relevant geographical descriptions, but also specified accurate astronomical configurations at different places, at different events during Sri Rama’s life.Valmiki provides a gripping description of that astounding human endeavour, Setu Bandhan,which has become the folklore of the great Hindu tradition. The Ramayana has a scintillating narrative of the marvellous saga in great details.

Shri Ram Setu agitation

  • 26 th August  2007 Rameshwaram Rally-
  • The historical Road blocade of 12th Sept 2007-
  • The historical Road blocade of 12th Sept 2007-
  • 30 th December 2007 Ramsetu Rally at Delhi-


26 th August  2007 Rameshwaram Rally-

Mainly from the southern states a large number of Rambhaktas were mobilized for this  programme. Hundreds of buses were coming continuously to Rameshwaram from Kerala, Karnataka, Aandhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

In the early morning, ‘abhisheka’ was performed in the holy Ramesharam temple by many people. Rudrabhishekam was performed. A Shri Ramyagya was performed at the site of the public meeting since early morning.  After the Shri Ramyagya, thousands of people undertook an oath for the protection of the Shri Ramsetu. A huge tent was erected for the food arrangements so that none of the Rambhaktas who had come should go hungry.

Many dignitaries, Central leaders from all over the country had come for the function. To lead this agitation, to guide the Rambhaktas, Dharmacharyas from all over the country had come. Some of the names of the Saints and all India leaders are as follows-


Saints From outside South India-

  • Pujya Sadhvi Rutambhara deviji
  • Pujya sadhvi Purnapradnya deviji,
  • Pujya Parmatmanand swamiji, Rajkot
  • various saints from W. Bengal , Bihar and Maharashtra


Dignitaries –

  • Dr. Pravinbhai Togadiaji, Gen Sec VHP
  • Shri Madhubhai Kulkarni, A.B. Bauddhik Pramukh
  • Shri Setumadhavanji, Kshetriya Pracharak, Dakshin Kshetra
  • Dr. Kalyanramanji, All India President Rameshwar Ramsetu Protection Movement
  • Dr. Kulandaivelu ji, vice chancellor , University (President,Rameshwar Ramsetu protection Movement (RRPM), Tamilnadu, – presidential address)
  • Ad. D. Kuppuramji, Secretary, Rameshwar Ramsetu Protection movement (RRPM) ; President, Fishermen association of Tamilnadu)
  • Shri. Thillainayagam, President, Rameshwar Fishermen Association
  • Shri O.B. Ravindran, President,( All Kerala Fishermen Association, Kerala) Matysakara Thozhilar Sangam, Kerala
  • Shri Vedantamji, Gen. Sec., RRPM & working President VHP
  • Pujya Vigyananadji, Joint Gen Sec, VHP
  • Shri Ram Gopalan, Founder, Hindu Munnai
  • Dr. Shivkumar Swami , President VHP , S. Karnatak
  • Shri Vijaykumarji Reddy, Bangalore , Member, Governing Council VHP , Centre

A major agitational programme was announced on this day- Rasta roko or the road blockade on Sept 12th.

The Central Government, very arrogantly, submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court submitting that Lord Rama was an imaginary figure and thus the Ramsetu had no Historical reality. This really added fuel the already angry Rambhaktas. All over the country there was a very strong and an angry reaction.

The historical Road blockade of 12th Sept 2007-

In the history of independent Bharat, such an agitation was never seen. On a single day, at the same time all over the country, at more than 5000 places huge road and rail blockade took place exactly for 3 hours , from 8 am to 11 am in the morning.  From hundreds to thousands of Rambhaktas gathered at such places voluntarily to agitate. The Government, media was taken by surprise at the precision, timing, discipline and the all India phenomenon of the agitation.  The Govt. understood the strength and the weight of the public opinion.

As an effect of the public outcry, the Central Govt. had to withdraw it’s affidavit with a public apology.

In the month of November, all over the Bharat Shri Ramsetu Sheela Yatra were  taken out to take the issue to the public. All over Bharat , the Rathayatras went to over 97000 villages and towns displaying the Shri Ramsetu Sheela and explaining the issue . The response to these ytras was fantastic. Thousands of rambhaktas gathered  to take ‘darshan’ of the   Sheela as well as understand the importance of the agitation.

30 th December 2007 Ramsetu Rally at Delhi-



Main Dias

After the widespread Shri Ramsetu Sheela yatra to nearly 1 lakh villages, it was decided  to make a great show of strength at Delhi to pressurize the Central Govt. as well as to  make it see reason.

A massive rally was decided to be arranged in Delhi on 30th December 2007. The revered Saints gave a call to the Hindu society to come to Delhi in great strength, so the Central Govt. may understand the effects of hurting the Hindu Dharmik sentiments. It was also meant to be a warning to the Central Govt. against wilfully hurting the Hindu sentiments.  The winter temperature was hovering around 2 Centigrade in the night in Delhi during those days. But braving the bitter cold, lakhs of Rambhakta Hindus flocked to Delhi for this important occasion. People came by railway, buses, trucks, vans and private cars. Estimated over 25000 buses and trucks  full of people arrived on that day. Lakhs of people arrived by railway. Huge and detailed arrangements were made for their stay as well as food. All the roads towards the venue of the Rally were choked with great flows of people streaming towards it. People had to walk a few kms. In the end by leaving their vehicles. The Delhi metro railway announced the next day that it made a record profit of over 10 lakhs on that Sunday!

One of the three dias of the Ramsetu rally

One of the three dias of the Ramsetu rally








Three massive stages were built on the grounds, one for the main speakers, one for the revered Saints and one for the various dignitaries from the society. Along with the main Jain, Buddha, Sikh, Shaiva, Vaishnav tradition saints and Dharmacharyas , many more revered saints and dharmacharyas of every conceivable tradition were gathered there  in thousands to bless the Hindu gathering. Leaders from various political parties like BJP, Shiv Sena , Akali Dal had  gathered there. Representatives of some political parties like AIDMK had come there with a message from their leaders.

Speaker after speaker exhorted the massive crowd to be steadfast in their resolve to stop the ill-advised designs of the Central Govt. to break the Ramsetu. All the leaders warned the Central Govt. against hurting the Hindu Dharmik sentiments by willfully going ahead to break the Ramsetu.