The Vishva Hindu Parishad has been registered as a Society under the Societies registration Act { act XXI of 1860 (Punjab Amendment Act 1957) as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi } on July 8, 1966 (No. S-3106).

  • Medical Relief
  • Education
  • Relief to the poor
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Scientific and socio-religious research
  • Other activities for the advancement of object of general public utility.

The objects of the Association are:

1. To consolidate, strengthen and make invincible the global Hindu fraternity by following the eternal and universal life values based on Sanatan Dharma and work for total welfare of humanity on the basis of the unique cultural ethos of Bharatvarsha.

2. To promote activities of education, medical aid and relief to the poor or any other activity in the advancement of general public utility for furtherance of literature and scientific and socio-religious research.

3. There shall be no discrimination on the grounds of religion, sex, caste, race or colour at any time amongst the beneficiaries of the Association.

4. For fulfillment of above-mentioned objects if any activity is carried out which requires money to be collected in the form of sales, charges for boarding and lodging, distribution of books, literature etc., then the prices and charges will be such that as far as possible they will not yield any profit.

For furtherance of above mentioned objects following activities are/may be undertaken:

Medical Relief

To establish and maintain hospitals, nursing homes for poor people and give them medical relief at the time of war, riots, floods, drought etc. To operate free medical units for the destitute within and outside the country.


a. To protect, develop and spread the Hindu values of social, ethical and spiritual life, which have sprung up in Bharatvarsha. To uphold and protect the symbols of national veneration, such as, sanctity of womanhood, cow & progeny, sacred religious places, rivers and environment concerns.

b. To establish an order of Dharmapracharaks, both lay and initiate, for the purpose of propagating dynamic Hinduism representing the fundamental values of life comprehended by various faiths and denominations originated in Bharatvarsha, such as, Bouddha, Jain, Arya Samaj, Sikh, Veershaiva, Shakta, Shaiva, Vaishnav, etc. and to open, manage and assist Centres for training such Dharmapracharaks.

c. To establish and maintain, help to manage or render assistance to libraries, schools, colleges, technological institutes, medical and other relief centres and other institutions of like nature for the benefit of the needy masses in general and for socially backward and weaker sections of the society living in slums and tribal areas in particular. The emphasis will be on making them self-reliant while also promoting self-respect.

d. To establish, maintain, help to manage or render assistance to temples, maths, and other centres for preaching principles and teaching practices of Hindu Dharma and culture, thus making them centres of social and cultural awakening.

e. To diffuse knowledge of and preach ethical and spiritual principles and practices of Hinduism suited to modern times in all parts of the world so as to be conducive to the welfare of humanity as a whole.

f. To arrange tours of Saints, sages, seers and dedicated social and religious workers. To arrange seminars, discussions, cultural and social conferences, Satsang, competitions and other suitable programmes.

g. To arrange for imparting and promoting physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual strengths based on the dharmic and eternal cultural values to Hindus of all age groups in general and to children and youth in particular.

Relief to the poor

To found, maintain, manage or render assistance to orphanages, rescue homes, destitute homes, working women’s hostels, homes for widows and homes for old and infirm persons.

Social and cultural activities

a. To completely eradicate social evils such as untouchability, dowry system, etc. to restore due status to woman in the society and to rejuvenate the dynamic holistic Hindu way of life.

b. To assist and help all those who wish to come back to the Hindu fold on their own volition.

c. To establish and reinforce contacts with all Hindus living abroad to help them unite to fulfil their cultural and spiritual aspirations.

Scientific and socio-religious research

a. To evolve a think tank that would proactively articulate the holistic and integral perspective on all vital issues and themes concerning Bhartvarsh and the global Hindu society.

b. To publish books, booklets, pamphlets, journals, newspapers etc., and to produce audio, visual and video material and to harness the modern electronic mass media, e.g. Internet, T.V. channels, etc. for the promotion of the aims and objects of the Parishad.

Other activities for the advancement of object of general public utility.

a. To create cultural commonwealth on the basis of Dharma throughout the world, especially in South and South-East Asia.

b. To open the branches of the Association in different Prants and Union territories of Bharat.

c. To establish and to help establishment of similar associations all over the world.

d. To affiliate, co-operate with and help to manage associations or societies having similar objectives.