Places of Pilgrimage should be developed as per Shraddhaa (esteem) and Astha (faith), not as tourist centres: VHP

Press Statement:

Indore, December 31, 2022 - Vishva Hindu Parishad identifies with the concerns of the Jain Samaj to protect the sacrosanct nature of the timeless Siddha Kshetras of Parshwanath Parvat and Teerthraj Sammed Shikhar! Issuing a press statement, the Central Working President of Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Advocate Shri Alok Kumar said today that Vishva Hindu Parishad is determined and striving to protect, preserve and promote the sanctity of all the pilgrimage sites in Bharat. We are of the clear opinion that no ‘pilgrimage’ site should be converted into a ‘tourist’ destination.

He said that we are constantly making efforts that every state government and the central government should form an independent ‘Pilgrimage Ministry’, which would develop pilgrimage sites according to the Shraddha (esteem) and Aasthaa (faith or trust in a divine entity) of the followers.


VHP urges the Central Government and the State Government of Jharkhand to ensure that:


1. The entire Siddha Kshetra Parshwanath Parvat is declared a holy area. There should not be any such activity which would hurt the Jain Aasthaa. Non-vegetarian food (flesh eating) and SUD (substance use disorder / drug addiction), cannot be allowed in any way within the periphery of this pilgrimage area.


2. An independent Ministry of Pilgrimage should be set up in Jharkhand without delay, so that the development of Siddha Kshetra Parshwanath Parvat as well as all the pilgrimage sites in the state could be ensured according to the Shraddha and Astha of the followers.


3. Necessary amendments should be made in the related notifications so that the Siddha Kshetras Parshwanath Parvat and Tirtharaj Sammed Shikhar are developed as ‘Teerth Kshetras’ and not turned into ‘tourist’ hubs.


The Central Working President of Vishva Hindu Parishad assured that the VHP, along with the representatives of the Jain Samaj, would make meaningful efforts to take necessary action in this direction.


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Issued by:


Vinod Bansal

National Spokesperson

Vishva Hindu Parishad