Dharmacharya Sampark -Yuva Sant

Yuva Sant

Dharmacharya Sampark Vibhag maintained constant contacts with the Sants-Mahants in this phase also as it was done during the First and Second Phases, and secured their blessings in each and every activity of the Parishad. Meetings of the Margadarshak Mandal and sessions of the Dharma Sansad were convened from time to time. A special drive was undertaken for the contact of Yuwa Sants as a part of Sant Sampark during 11 years of the Third Phase.

Contact of Yuva Sant

Sants have a paramount place in Hindu society. The Sants alone are the head of our society even today. The entire society whirls around their aura alone. It takes inspiration, draws enthusiasm and gets guidance from them only. Similarly the significance of the Sants in all the activities and programs of the VHP. They are paramount for it.

The generation of elderly Sants, whose patronage has all along been there for the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, is now leaving this world for their heavenly abode. Hence it is all the more appropriate that new generation of Sants and that too Yuwa Sants join the Parishad and get acquainted with the aims-policies, working methods and mission of the VHP. A chain of Yuwa Sant Chintan Vargas was begun to bring the maximum number of Yuwa Sants within the ambit of its contact. Several Yuwa Sant Chintan Vargas have been held so far. Prominent among them are as follows :

Rishikesh Yuva Sant Chintan Varga – 1996

Chitrakoot Yuva Sant Chintan Varga – 1997

Ambala Yuva Sant Chintan Varga – 1997

Brindavan Yuva Sant Chintan Varg

Rishikesh Yuva Saint Chintan Varga – 1966

One of the Yuwa Sant Chintan Vargas was arranged at the holy pilgrimage of Ganga viz. Rishikesh in the cavern of Himalaya on the banks of river Bhagirathi; so that the Yuwa Sants, who would set out after receiving ideological sustenance from the Varga also should have a similar tolerance for hard work, firmness and height like the Himalayas and should emit similar sacred energy on the same lines as the constantly flowing river Ganga. This was arranged for a period of a week from 21 to 28 February 1996. While over one hundred Yuwa Sants, Dharmacharyas, Sampark Pramukhs and workers of the Parishad received appropriate guidance from the Taponishtha, brilliant and sublimely righteous Pujya Sants; they were also addressed by the dedicated senior and experienced office-bearers of the Parishad.


Chitrakoot Yuva Saint Chintan Varga – 1997

The Yuwa Sant Chintan Varga-2 was arranged under the patronage of Anant Shrivibhushit Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Pujya Swami Rambhadracharya Maharaj of Tulasi Peeth, amid the enlightening company of important Sants and Mahants from 1 to 5 January 1997 in the lands of Chitrakoot that makes necessary preparations by collecting all types of knowledge emanating from the discussions by the former Sants and through the attainments by Lord Shriram viz. Making this earth free from the demons.

The main intention of holding the Chintan Varga of Yuwa Sants was that these Sants should develop among themselves the stability of determination, sublimity of the character and total identity with the goals like Lord Shriram. In all 116 Yuwa Sants participated in this Varga including 61 from Uttar Pradesh and 35 from Madhya Pradesh.The Chief Patrons of this Varga were Jagadguru Ramanandacharya Pujya Rambhadracharya Maharaj, Mahant Ramjidas of Adhikari Santoshi Akhada of Chitrakoot and the Sanchalak, Pt. Jivheshwar Mishra from Delhi.The diurnal of the Varga was as under :

Daily 4 sessions were arranged for Jnan-Vardhan, Chintan, Charcha, and Udbodhans on all the five days from 01-05 January 1997. The guidance was available from Sants like Pujya Swami Rambhadracharya, Mahant Ramjidas, Mahant Ramdas, Mahant Ramashrayadas, etc. and VHP Office-bearers like S/Shri. Ashok Singhal, Sadanand Kakade, Brahmadeo Upadhyaya, Mohan Joshi, Balkrishna Naik, Omkar Bhave, Bhaiyyaji Kasture, Ramphal Singh, Jaibhansingh Pawayya, Jivheshwar Mishra and Acharya Giriraj Kishor.


Ambala Yuva Saint Chintan Varga – 1997

A 5-day Yuwa Sant Chintan Varga-3 was organized by VHP at Ambala under the patronage of Pujya Swami Avadheshanand Maharaj in his Ashram only from 24-28 September 1997 for the Yuwa Sants of eight states i.e. Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab, Hariyana, Himachal, Delhi of Uttaranchal and Jaipur, Jodhpur and Chittore of Rajasthan. Attendance by 48 Yuwa Sants from Rajasthan and 36 from Hariyana was noteworthy.

Equally appreciable was the uncanny cleanliness, unique peace, excellent arrangements and beauty of the facilities and amenities provided in this Ashram. One of the intentions behind selecting this Ashram for the Varga was that the Yuwa Sants should get acquainted with special features; spick and span atmosphere of the Ashram that would give them a new inspiration, enthusiasm, direction, and viewpoint.

The impact was very good indeed ! The hearts of the participating Yuwa Sants were imbued with the invincible energy for the service of Hindu Dharma, Hindu Sanskriti, Hindu Rashtra as also Gow-Mata and Ganga Mata. Their testimonies became apparent in the form of several great resolves. Some of the Yuwa Sants vowed to devote their entire life for any work that would be allotted by the Parishad in the neglected Vanavasi Anchals and intractable areas of the Purvanchal; while some of them promised to donate the lands for the Gow-Shalas. Many of them pledged to lay down their very lives for the protection of Gow Mata.

These Sants took a solemn oath by holding holy Ganga Jal in their palms to keep Ganga Mata at Rishikesh and Mandakini at Chitrakoot as their witnesses; and expressed their their heart-felt desire of protecting the Dharmic Sanskar Kendras like Mutt-Mandirs etc., as also to carry out the work of Dharma Jagaran and social Sanskars with all their might in their respective areas.

Six sessions were conducted in the Varga from 06.00 in the morning till 10.00 in the night. The first session used to be of Yoga Prashikshan by Yogacharya Sheshpal every day. The participating Sants used to give vent to their thoughts, ideas, opinions and there used to be most enlightening Udbodhan by the Chief of the Ashram Pujya Sant Swami Avadheshanand Maharaj in the night session.

In the rest of the three sessions, guidance was given to these Sans through speeches by different office-bearers of the Parishad pertaining to various problems engulfing the country, Dharma and Samaj; and plans prepared and activities undertaken so far for preventing them. Experiences of these Vargas were very encouraging.


Brindavan Yuva Saint Chintan Varga

Yuwa Sant Chintan Varga-4 was organized in the sacred land of Braj Kshetra in Brindavan. The Sants participated with full enthusiasm in all the programs of the Varga here also. The participating Sants were given guidance about the plans, activities, and achievements of the Parishad not only by the senior and important Sants of Brindavan but also from all over the country together with the office-bearers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.